FlowCam collage of plankton
FlowCam Dissertation Highlights the Importance of Collaboration Among Scientists
Turbulence plays a key role in the mixing of lakes, seas, and oceans and inspired the subject of Dr. Russell Arnott's Ph.D. dissertation. With little …
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Stock photo of cows in a field
Flow Imaging Microscopy for Bovine Rumen Fluid – A New Way to Monitor Ecosystem Health
Using FlowCam to image MOO-ving particles? …you’re on the right tract! Corralling food through a cow’s digestive system is no small task, yet the …
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FlowCam transparent particle images showing how thresholding works
The Benefits of Light and Dark Pixel Thresholding
Thresholding is a method of image segmentation used in image processing to discern the boundaries of an object from its background. Semi-transparent …
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Stock illustration of DNA
Of Particulate Importance – Flow Imaging Microscopy in Cell and Gene Therapy
Transferring live cells and genetic material directly into a patient is a treatment strategy seeing unprecedented FDA approval rates. There is now a …
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Pre-filled syringe
What's the Value of Monitoring Silicone Oil Droplets in Protein Therapeutics?
Silicone oil droplets represent a particle type commonly present in protein-based biotherapeutics that are especially prevalent in products packaged …
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Noctiluca scintillans imaged by FlowCam showing endosymbionts
FlowCam Useful in Discovery of New Mode of Cell Division in Noctiluca Blooms
Green Noctiluca scintillans, or gNoctiluca, is one of the fastest biogeographically spreading marine planktonic organisms in the world's oceans and …
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FlowCam 8000
What is FlowCam?
People often ask us, "What is FlowCam?" and we answer with one of the following: a flow imaging microscope an imaging particle analyzer a …
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FlowCam analytical lab team group photo
Achieve Your Flow Imaging Microscopy Goals with our FlowCam Analytical Lab Team
Our team of particle analysis experts is ready to help you achieve your particle analysis goals across a broad array of applications ranging from …
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FlowCam collage of particles in a biotherapeutic sample
New Study from Osaka University Compares FlowCam, MFI, and iSpect Data
In order to gain the most comprehensive understanding of particles in their samples, researchers often employ several instruments as part of their …
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FlowCam instrument rendering on benchtop
What is Flow Imaging Microscopy?
Flow Imaging Microscopy is a fast and automated method to see highly-resolved digital images of microscopic particles in a flowing liquid. Using …
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Stock illustration of lipid nanoparticle (LNP)
Flow Imaging Microscopy to Monitor Lipid Nanoparticle Aggregation
Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are gaining attention as effective drug delivery vehicles, especially since their successful use in the COVID-19 vaccines. …
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Rendering of FlowCam instruments for biopharma industry on lab table
Characterizing Protein Aggregation With Orthogonal and Complementary Analytical Techniques
A central challenge with particle analysis in biotherapeutics is the wide size range of particles that may be present, including particles from the …
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Skidaway Institute of Oceanography FlowCam user group photo
Featured FlowCam User: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, an internationally renowned marine science research institute located on the northern end of Skidaway Island …
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FlowCam collage of glitter particles
Color vs. Black and White: How to Choose a FlowCam Camera
While most imaging particle analyzers are equipped with black and white (monochrome) cameras for image acquisition, FlowCam 8100 instruments offer a …
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Aquaculture pond sampling locations from Kimambo et al study.
FlowCam Used to Detect CyanoHABs in African Fish Farms
Freshwater aquaculture is gradually becoming common practice in sub-Saharan Africa. Rural farmers raise fish in ponds for subsistence, to boost their …
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FlowCam collage of fibers
Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy
Geometry can play a crucial role in the performance of fibers in different applications. Shape factors that influence performance include length …
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Scientists using lab instruments
McCrone Associates Adds FlowCam to their Suite of Analytical Instruments
The analytical lab at McCrone Associates (Westmont, IL) specializes in materials characterization and identification of particle contaminants and …
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Fram Strait
Using FlowCam Macro to Evaluate Spatial Distribution of the Copepod Calanus finmarchicus in the Fram Strait
Carbon sequestration refers to the capture, removal, and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. It is a key process in stabilizing …
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Nantucket lighthouse
Nantucket User Groups Share FlowCam to Monitor Water Quality at Shellfish Hatchery
Excessive nutrients in Nantucket’s harbors cause several negative impacts on existing habitats. These impacts include eelgrass loss, decreased …
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FlowCam VisualAI user interface
Introducing VisualAI: Integrated Artificial Intelligence for FlowCam
We're excited to announce the release of VisualAITM software for protein biotherapeutics. An add-on for VisualSpreadsheet 6, VisualAI is a …
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VisualSpreadsheet software user interface, showing data and particles
Optimizing Distance to Nearest Neighbor to Improve Particle Capture
Utilizing proper capture settings during image acquisition is crucial to obtaining accurate concentration and sizing data with FlowCam. Distance to …
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FlowCam grant winner holding crab on boat
Announcing the 2022 FlowCam Aquatic Grant Winner
We are happy to announce the winner of the 2022 FlowCam Aquatic Research Grant, Kelsey Meyer, a Ph.D. candidate studying marine biology at the …
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Air pollution event over the New York City metropolitan area (photo by A. Laskin)
Purdue University Uses FlowCam Nano to Study Atmospheric Aerosols' Effect on Climate Change
The Alexander Laskin Research Group at Purdue University is a "multi-disciplinary experimental group with research interests in the areas of …
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Lumpfish tank at UNH aquaculture facilities
Our FlowCam Team Tours the Aquaculture Facilities at the University of New Hampshire
In April of 2022, we brought FlowCam to NACE, the Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Exhibition, in Portland, Maine, a stone's throw from our …
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Stock photo of scientist in lab
5 Key Benefits of Automating Flow Imaging Microscopy
Particle analysis is a critical but often tedious task for researchers in analytical laboratories. Data collection is not only time-consuming but can …
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FlowCam internal diagram
Obtaining Accurate Concentration Data with FlowCam
FlowCam 8000 series instruments provide count and concentration data for a wide variety of fluid samples. Relative counts can be compared reliably …
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Aquatic publication cover and logo collage
Recent Notable FlowCam Studies in Aquatic Research
Scientists from around the world have been using FlowCam for over 20 years to better understand the ecosystems in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. As …
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Romanche glacier, Patagonia
FjordFlux Cruise Uses FlowCam to Analyze Glacier Particles and Assess Effects of Climate Change
FlowCam user Jochen Wollschläger of Germany's University of Oldenburg recently returned from a research trip aboard the RV METEOR as part of the …
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FlowCam being used at CP Kelco
Flow Imaging Microscopy Optimizes Processes in the Food Industry
Particles come in many shapes and sizes. Analyzing particles in food ingredients and correctly characterizing them is important because they can …
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Stock photo of saline bag in hospital
FlowCam Demonstrates Degradation of Protein Formulations After Transport in IV Bags via Hospital Pneumatic Tube System
Subvisible particles in biotherapeutics represent critical quality attributes because they pose regulatory and potential product safety risks. …
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Three Gorges Dam in Xiangxi Bay
FlowCam Measures Size of Zooplankton in China's Three Gorges Reservoir
Zooplankton are an essential part of the aquatic food web. They are the thread that connects the primary producers (phytoplankton) to high trophic …
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FlowCam Nano instrument rendering with submicron particles
White Paper: FlowCam Nano Provides Early Detection for Biotherapeutic Degradation and Contamination
Particles are ubiquitous in biotherapeutics and can drastically impact the efficacy of a given drug. Therefore, characterizing them is a critical …
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Preventing Embolism from Medical Implants by Using FlowCam Imaging Particle Analysis
In a recent paper from Rostock University Medical Center, authors Anja Kurzhals et al. summarize a study they performed to determine the relevant …
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Close up of FlowCam Nano's condenser, where the numerical aperture can be adjusted.
The Importance of Correct Aperture Settings in Submicron Particle Imaging
In microscope systems, the numerical aperture and the wavelength of the light determine how highly-resolved the images will be (in the case of …
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FlowCam collage of biopharma particles including protein aggregates, silicone oil, and contaminants
Characterization of Protein Aggregates and Other Particles in Biopharmaceuticals
Particulates are ubiquitous in parenteral drug products and remain a concern throughout their development and production. These particles must be …
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FlowCam images of Green crab larvae
FlowCam Imaging: Spanning the Range from Submicron to Subvisible to Visible Particles
The recently launched FlowCam Nano extends well-established flow imaging microscopy technology for subvisible particle analysis into the submicron …
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New Applications for FlowCam in Biotherapeutic Development
Many new types of biotherapeutic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) such as viruses, nanomedicines including virus-like particles and lipid …
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FlowCam collage of cyanobacteria
FlowCam Cyano is Part of a Proactive Water Quality Monitoring Effort
This past summer in June, The Gaffney Board of Public Works (GBPW), in South Carolina, issued a water quality advisement and posted signs around Lake …
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FlowCam images micronized diamonds_superabrasives
FlowCam for the Characterization of Abrasive Compounds
Superabrasives, such as micronized diamonds and cubic boron nitride (CBN), are used extensively in applications for cutting, grinding, and drilling …
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The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians members in canoe on water at sunset
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians Integrate FlowCam into Environmental Stewardship Programs
The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians (CTCLUSI) recently received long-awaited funding to purchase a FlowCam Cyano …
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WCMC volunteer using a plankton net to collect samples for FlowCam Cyano analysis
Community Groups Take HAB Monitoring Into Their Own Hands, Recognize Need for Formal Strategic Guidelines
Harmful algal blooms can have a detrimental effect on the environment and on human and animal health. As a result of climate change, water utilities …
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FlowCam collage of protein aggregates
Comparing FlowCam Results with Light Obscuration: A Study by Japan's National Institute of Health Sciences
In their recent publication, Quantitative Evaluation of Insoluble Particulate Matters in Therapeutic Protein Injections Using Light Obscuration and …
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Misty Klein of Austin Water using FlowCam
Austin Water Uses FlowCam to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms
Austin Water, the City of Austin, Texas' water utility, recently purchased a FlowCam Cyano instrument. Austin Water first learned about the …
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Hand holding test tubes
New FlowCam Technical Notes: Using Preservatives with Phytoplankton Samples
Aquatic scientists often need to store natural samples for a period of time before processing them using FlowCam. There are multiple preservatives …
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Phytoplankton in open air circulation pond
FlowCam Used to Study Algae Cultures: Training New Users on Gran Canaria
This week FlowCam Applications Scientist, Kay Johnson, visited the Canary Islands to train a new team of FlowCam users at ITC (Instituto Tecnólogico …
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VisualSpreadsheet Version 4 user interface showing particle collage and data
Morphological Filter Discrimination of Particulates in Injectable Therapeutic Formulations
Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical laboratories require rigid characterization of the particulate matter in injectable therapeutics. FlowCam …
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Hand holding sea scallop
FlowCam Education: Our Visit to Hurricane Island
Earlier this month, Harry Nelson and I transported a FlowCam by ferry to the Hurricane Island Center for Science & Leadership. This beautiful …
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Pre-filled syringes
FlowCam Used to Study Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Drugs: Particle Burden and Protein Aggregates
In a recent paper discussing particle counting and analytical techniques, the number and type of particles present in intravitreal injection …
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Greater Cincinnati Water Works group photo from FlowCam training
Greater Cincinnati Water Works Uses FlowCam Cyano to Monitor Source Water
Applications Scientist, Kay Johnson has spent this week in Cincinnati training new FlowCam users at the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) on …
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FlowCam collage of human cells
Flow Imaging Microscopy Guides Forced Degradation of Cell-based Medicinal Products
Cell-based medicinal products (CBMPs) offer promising opportunities for the treatment of diseases with previously limited or no therapeutic options. …
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Stock photo of harmful algal bloom
Successfully Detecting Algal Blooms with Flow Imaging Microscopy
"After receiving hundreds of complaints, the City of Wichita Falls, Texas, developed a plan for monitoring harmful algal blooms to detect and …
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FlowCam images of IVIG proteins before and after drop shock
Research Paper Uses FlowCam to Study Protein Aggregation in Intravenous Drugs Resulting from External Stressors
There continues to be ongoing concerns about post-manufacture particulate formation in biopharmaceutical drug products. The stresses, which induce …
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FlowCam images of Microcystis harmful algae colonies
Using FlowCam and Machine Learning to Classify Microcystis at the Genus and Species Levels
The FlowCam was recently used by a team led by Natasha Barteneva of Nazarbayev University to develop a method for the classification of Microcystis …
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FlowCam grant winner Savannah Mapes in lab with FlowCam
2020 FlowCam Grant Winner Presents at US Symposium on Harmful Algae
Savannah Mapes, 2020 winner of the #FlowCam Aquatic Research Equipment & Travel Grant for Graduate Students, presented her research at the US …
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Cyanobacteria monitoring collaborative group photo
City of Worcester Will Integrate FlowCam Cyano for Proactive Water Quality Monitoring
The City of Worcester, MA has purchased a FlowCam Cyano to help expand a volunteer water quality monitoring program. The effort is led by …
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Text - Stiemerlab Citizen Science Project: FlowCam in Action
Water Quality of the River Stiemerbeek in Belgium: a FlowCam Case Study
The FlowCam's European partner and distributor, Anasysta, recently shared a story with Yokogawa about a local project that uses the FlowCam to …
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FlowCam instrument rendering on lab bench
Why Size and Shape Matter: Perspective on the Acquisition of FlowCam by Yokogawa
Yokogawa Fluid Imaging partner, Axel Wilde of ANASYSTA, recently wrote an article discussing the acquisition of Fluid Imaging Technologies by …
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FlowCam collage of silicone oil droplets in biopharma sample
FlowCam Reveals Silicone Oil Droplets and Other Particulates in Intravitreal Injections (IVIs)
Silicone oil has long been used in the pharmaceutical industry as a lubricant for syringes. It serves to reduce the force necessary to depress the …
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Alexandrium harmful algae being classified via FlowCam images
VIMS Uses FlowCam to Study HABs to Fulfill their Research Equipment Grant for Graduate Students
This January marked the conclusion of the 2020 FlowCam Research Equipment Grant for Graduate Students. The 2020 award recipient was Savannah Mapes, a …
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Blog Graphic with logos of TheScientist and Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies
Detecting Subvisible Particles in Protein Therapeutics
Last week, The-Scientist.com introduced their new Research Products blog. Their very first post discusses the capabilities of the FlowCam Nano:
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FlowCam collage of Karenia brevis harmful algae
Insight into the Effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico
Researchers Quigg et al. have published a study in Marine Pollution Bulletin summarizing their research on phytoplankton in the Gulf of Mexico, and …
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FlowCam data from Karnan et al study in Kochi Backwaters
Effects of Monsoon Flooding on Microplankton Communities in Kochi Backwaters of Western India: a FlowCam Study
Researchers Karnan et al. have recently published the results of a study performed from 2013-14 in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. Their paper, …
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Maine Maritime Academy students on boat
Maine Maritime Academy Completes First FlowCam Equipment Grant for Undergraduates
Back by popular demand, the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant program has a new category specifically for undergraduate institutions. The recipients of …
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Water quality operator testing water on a dock
Eliminate Taste-and-Odor Events With Cost-Effective Algae Control
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) publication, Opflow, has featured another story this month on the benefits of proactive algae monitoring …
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Microscope images in dryer lint
Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Assess Properties of Pollutive Dryer Lint
The FlowCam has been used in marine and freshwater applications since its invention in 1999. Since then, it has been found to be valuable across many …
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Fluid Imaging Technologies headquarters
Quality Control on the FlowCam Cyano
Have you ever wondered how our technical customer support team performs quality control checks during services and before shipping new instruments? …
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FlowCam collage of printer toner
Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Enhance Particle Analysis of Printer Toner
An interview with Steve Bowen, Director of Sales, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies What is particle analysis? Particle analysis involves taking a …
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FlowCam data on FDA-staned algal cells
FlowCam Can Assess Cell Viability Using Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA) Stain
Determining whether algal cells are alive or dead is useful for a variety of applications including, but not limited to: wastewater analysis, …
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Monitoring water quality with Multiparameter sondes
Tackle Taste and Odor with Proactive Water Quality Monitoring
An article featured this month in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) publication Opflow describes the challenges currently facing water …
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FlowCam collage of corn starch particles
Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids
This year, in lieu of their annual conference and exhibition, Powder & Bulk Solids hosted a virtual conference: The Powder Show: Digital Flow. …
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FlowCam collage of Tinnitids zooplankton
Expanded Marine Taxonomic Libraries for the FlowCam
After fielding many requests from FlowCam users, we are happy to announce that we have made available expanded taxonomic libraries. These example …
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FlowCam images of Dolichospermum
FlowCam Used for Analysis of Diazotrophic Organisms in High-Nitrogen Water
A long-term study undertaken by Chaffin et al. at Ohio State University monitored nutrient levels and phytoplankton growth in the Lake Erie central …
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An Integrated Approach to Monitor Taste and Odor Producing Cyanobacteria: a Webinar
"Most drinking water utilities enter high-alert mode upon testing positive for microcystin. Staff at the city of Wichita Falls, Texas, Water …
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Rendering of FlowCam Nano instrument with monitor
New Tools and Opportunities in Subvisible Particle Analysis
Characterization of subvisible particles in protein therapeutics has become an increasingly important means to ensure the development of safe, …
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Bimodal powder packing density diagram
FlowCam Used for Particle Morphology Analysis in Manufacturing of Bimodal Metal Powder at Cornell University
Metal Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3-D printing) requires carefully engineered compound metal powders in order to make high-quality end …
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FlowCam collage of protein aggregates
Machine Learning Helps Characterize Antibody Aggregation Using FlowCam (Flow Microscopy) Images
The team at the University of Colorado, Boulder have long been FlowCam customers, most recently incorporating FlowCam images with artificial …
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Stock photo of oil rig
Hunting Energy Services Uses FlowCam for Manufacturing and R&D Fluid Cleanliness Measurement
Hunting Energy Services (HES), Subsea Technologies Division, is a manufacturer of subsea hydraulic products for the oil and gas industry. Their suite …
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Bacteria growing in petri dish
FlowCam 8000 to Help Iowa State University Researchers Gain Further Understanding of Particle-Bacterium Interactions
The Anderson (Chemistry) and Brehm-Stecher (Food Science) groups at Iowa State University have been awarded a FlowCam Research Equipment and Travel …
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Cell-based medicine data from FlowCam
Flow Imaging Microscopy (FIM) Coupled with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Demonstrates Reliable Method to Characterize and Identify Impurities in Cell Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs)
Cell-based medicinal products (CBMPs) are gaining importance as therapeutic treatments for many life-threatening diseases. This study was designed to …
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Tara program sailing vessel in harbor
An Update on the Tara Ocean Project
The Tara Ocean Foundation, based in France, has mounted a collective effort to study the effect of climate change on the world's oceans. Beginning in …
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Stock illustration of antibodies attacking virus
Insight Into the FlowCam's Role in India's Biopharmaceutical Market
Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies' distributor to India's Biopharmaceutical market is Bioscreen Instruments. Bioscreen's Field Application …
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FlowCam grant winner, Karen Kayfetz, using FlowCam
A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2011 Recipient, Karen Kayfetz
Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies is pleased to announce the return of our Student Equipment Grant Program in 2020. Learn how to apply to win the …
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FlowCam grant winner, Nick Ray, with FlowCam in lab
A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2016 Recipient, Nick Ray
Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies is pleased to announce the return of our Student Equipment Grant Program in 2020. Learn how to apply to win the …
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Keara Stanislawczyk, FlowCam grant winner, collecting plankton sample
A Testimonial about the FlowCam Student Equipment Grant from the 2015 Recipient, Keara Stanislawczyk
Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies is pleased to announce the return of our Student Equipment Grant Program in 2020. Learn how to apply to win the …
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FlowCam inner workings diagram
5 Companies That Specialize in Imaging Technology
We were recently honored to be included in the video below, featuring us alongside other international companies that use imaging to further science …
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National Shellfisheries Association logo
New Streamlined FlowCam Supports Shellfish Aquaculture
In order to reduce unnecessary travel and keep our team safe,  we have canceled our foreseeable conference appearances. In lieu of attending the …
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Top Research Studies Comparing the FlowCam to Light Microscopy
Most organizations who are considering the purchase of a FlowCam ask themselves this question: how does the FlowCam compare to traditional light …
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Hand holding oyster
Boston University Student Thesis Features FlowCam Data
Congratulations to Nicholas Ray from the Fulweiler Lab at Boston University for completing his PhD. and presenting his thesis seminar 'virtually' on …
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FlowCam images of Serratia marcescens-induced aggregation of Ni(II) MIL Droplets
Using FlowCam to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Magnetic Ionic Liquids in Isolating Foodborne Pathogens
A research group at Iowa State University is studying the use of Magnetic Ionic Liquids (MILs) as a tool to isolate foodborne pathogens in liquid …
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Krill Harvesting Vessel - Antarctic Endurance
Aker BioMarine Purchases FlowCam for use on Krill Harvesting Vessel - Antarctic Endurance.
Aker BioMarine (ABM) is a biotech, fishing, marine research and krill harvesting company. They recently purchased a FlowCam for use on their krill …
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Stock photo of prefilled syringe
U-Medico Uses FlowCam to Assess Drug Stability Using Tapered Needles vs. Cylindrical Needles
Injectable biopharmaceuticals, particularly prefilled syringes (PFS), come with risks related to the force of injection, such as patient pain and …
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West pharma FlowCam images
West Pharma Uses FlowCam for Early Drug Development
West Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Exton, PA) recently published a paper on a streamlined bioanalytical approach to determine the most appropriate …
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FlowCam users in laboratory
Boston University Students use FlowCam to Analyze Oyster Habitats from Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Nick Ray (PhD Candidate) and Gretchen McCarthy (Senior) from the Boston University Marine Program (BUMP) came to visit our FlowCam lab in Scarborough …
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Map of study sampling sites in southeastern Arabian Sea
Studying the Effects of Seasonal Water Differences on Microplankton in the Southeastern Arabian Sea
A research group with CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography in Kochi, India (https://www.nio.org/), has used the FlowCam® to provide new evidence …
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Scientist holding test tube with FlowCam application symbols floating around
20 Years of FlowCam Applications
What CAN'T be run through the FlowCam? The list below shows the majority of substances that have been imaged and analyzed on the FlowCam over the …
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Column Packing Particles FlowCam
FlowCam for Characterization of Column Packing Material
High-performance liquid chromatographyis a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. It …
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Rendering of FlowCam Cyano instrument on benchtop with cyanobacteria
The FlowCam Cyano for automated analysis of algae and cyanobacteria
Based on proven FlowCam technology, the FlowCam Cyano automatically identifies cyanobacteria from other algae and particles in aquatic samples. Using …
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FlowCam collage of microcystis harmful algae colonies
Answering Your FAQs about Analyzing Microcystis with the FlowCam
FlowCam customers frequently ask us how to optimize analysis of Microcystis, a globally pervasive colonial cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) which is …
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FlowCam images of juice pulp
FlowCam Particle Analysis for Food and Beverage Characterization
When considering how to characterize your subvisible particles for food and beverage production it's important to be able to see the images of …
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FlowCam collage of biopharmaceutical sample particles
Flow Imaging Microscopy Reveals Particles Missed by DLS and NTA
The problem of protein aggregation and presence of extrinsic particles in biopharmaceutical formulations is not a small one. With the improvement of …
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Red tide Karenina brevis on Sanibel Island
Using the FlowCam to Study Harmful Algae Blooms Around Sanibel Island, Florida
It's hard to imagine a more picturesque location from which to perform one's research than Sanibel Island, Florida. However, as can be seen in the …
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FlowCam particle edge trace - Rostock paper
FlowCam Identifies Transparent Particles Shedding from Medical Devices
Cardiovascular implants, such as drug coated balloons or drug eluting stents used to treat coronary artery disease are subject to rigorous testing …
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Fluid Imaging on board with Bigelow Labs' BLOOM  Educators Program
On Board with the BLOOM Educators Program
For six days every spring, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences hosts 16 high school students (one from each Maine county) in East Boothbay, Maine, …
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stormwater runoff
Detecting Contaminates in Stormwater Runoff with Hydro International
Contaminates in stormwater runoff that feed into our waterways are a leading cause of environmental pollution. Hydro International (a UK company with …
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MERHAB 2019 program at Bigelow Labs - group photo
FlowCam at Bigelow Labs: Flow Imaging vs Manual Microscopy and the study of HABs
Every summer since 2015 scientists from around the country have come to Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay, Maine to be trained …
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Casco Bay 8.29.19 Karenia mikimotoi 20x
What is that Algal Bloom in Casco Bay?
Yesterday Heather Anne Wright and I were invited to join the Friends of Casco Bay on a mission to track down and capture samples of the algae bloom …
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Dr. Ted Randolph with his FlowCam Nano instrument
Saving Lives with the FlowCam - the Race to Identify Potentially Fatal Bacteria
  In exciting recent news, Fluid Imaging has entered into an exclusive research agreement with the University of Colorado Boulder to begin a study …
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Co Protein poster copy
FlowCam can assess effects of mechanical stress (aggregation) on protein formulations in syringes resulting from hospital transportation systems.
  University of Colorado PhD student, Vaida Linkuviene, along with Fluid Imaging Applications Scientist, Heather Anne Wright, and Co-Director of the …
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FlowCam collage of zooplankton
KISR Uses FlowCam to Study Plankton in the Persian Gulf
Earlier this month, Harry Nelson traveled to Kuwait to train employees of KISR (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research) on their new FlowCam Macro, …
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FlowCam instrument rendering
How Does FlowCam Work?
Ever wondered how a FlowCam works, or how it compares to a traditional microscope? Read further to learn about the basic mechanics that all of our …
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FlowCam instrument rendering with biopharmaceutical particles floating above
FlowCam Compares Favorably to MFI and Light Obscuration: Collaborative Study by Japanese Biopharmaceutical Consortium
Currently the compendial method for quantifying subvisible particles equal to or greater than 10 µm and 25 µm uses light obscuration (LO), which is …
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FlowCam collage of larval oysters
FlowCam Tracks Larval Oysters with Goals of Population Restoration
In 2018, a research study was performed by our customers, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, using oyster larvae from the Mobile Bay - Mississippi Sound system …
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FlowCam images of plankton
Norwegian Research Group Studies Krill in Antarctica using the FlowCam
In the Austral Summer of 2018-2019 a Norwegian research group aboard the RV Kronprins Haakon, an ice-breaking polar research vessel, traveled to the …
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University of New England logo
UNE Researchers Use FlowCam to Study Engineered Proteins
A class of engineered proteins called elastin-like polymers (ELP) have shown promise for advanced drug delivery applications. In order to fully …
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lobster larvae photo by jessica waller
Effects of Microplastics on Maine Lobster: New Maine Sea Grant Awarded to Bigelow Lab
A Maine Sea Grant has just been awarded to Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science to study the effects on the lobster, one of Maine's most economically …
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FlowCam collage of bioluminescent plankton
FlowCam for Semi-Automated Algae Analysis
How do you analyze algae populations? Algae analysis is simplified using FlowCam's image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet®. While manual …
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FlowCam collage of oil in water
FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis
How do you perform Oil in Water analysis? Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction, beyond just count and size …
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file processing mode-1
File Processing Mode Enables Users To Reprocess Files and Adjust Camera Settings After The Fact
Every version of VisualSpreadsheet® is equipped with File Processing Mode, a unique tool offered by the FlowCam®. It offers an efficient and …
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Lycopodium Sporopollenen - FlowCam images
FlowCam Provides Visualization of Lycopodium Plant Sporoderm Microcapsule Degradation in Human Blood Plasma.
Plant sporoderm are among the most robust biomaterials in nature. The spore/pollen cell material can be easily extracted leaving an excellent natural …
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FlowCam collage of cyanobacteria including Microcystis, Anabaena, Lyngbya
Top 6 FlowCam Studies on Cyanobacteria
Our ability to predict and prevent harmful algal blooms is directly related to our ability to study and understand cyanobacteria.  Numerous …
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Ocean floor with surface and sky
Top FlowCam Papers for Marine Research (Recent Publications)
The FlowCam was born from a dream to develop a faster flow cytometer for marine phytoplankton research. In the mid-1990s, the best method for …
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Wichita Falls Lake at sunset
FlowCam Part of Integrated Approach to Eliminate Taste and Odor Events in Wichita Falls, TX
March 2019 — Harmful algal bloom (HAB) season is fast approaching. The City of Wichita Falls, Texas, however, has developed an integrated approach to …
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Salmon pens for aquaculture in Scotland
FlowCam Assists Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation in Salmon Aquaculture
In 2016, 23 million salmon died from a harmful algal bloom (HAB) at a farm in Chile.  The economic cost of  that die-off is estimated to have been …
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FlowCam collage of oil and gas completion fluid particles
Better Cleanliness Testing of Hydraulic Fluid, Lubrication Oil, and Fuel with FlowCam
Hydraulic fluids, lubrication oils, and fuel need to be monitored for cleanliness according to standards such as ISO 4406 or NAS 1638. Optical …
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Plastic water kettle
FlowCam Used in Study Comparing Particulates Shedding from Plastic vs. Glass Electric Water Kettles
It is no secret that plastic has found its way into more and more everyday products. However, it may be surprising to learn about the sheer volume of …
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FlowCam collage of microencapsulated flavor particles
Chemical Manufacturers Use FlowCam Imaging Particle Analyzer for Product Analysis
Recent studies have shown that knowing the actual length and width of particles in chemical formulations can be of critical importance to product …
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Microfossils analyzed by FlowCam
Paleolimnologists Use FlowCam for Microfossil Research
Paleolimnologists study the diatoms, foraminifera, and other microfossils within sediment cores to reconstruct paleoenvironments and understand how …
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skim tank particle size distribution flowcam
Baker Hughes Study Demonstrates a New, Quick Method for Produced Water Analysis
A study by Baker Hughes demonstrates that the FlowCam® imaging particle analysis technology is a more informative method than spectrophotometry to …
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FlowCam collage of particles in biotherapeutic formulation
Biotherapeutic Reformulation Achieved Through Extended Particle Analysis
Proteinaceous particles in parenteral drugs pose an immunogenic risk. These formulations are therefore rigorously characterized for optimal …
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FlowCam collage of copepods
Fooled Copepods Ingest Dimethyl Sulfide-Infused Microplastics
December 2018 — Can microplastics be mistaken for algae? A recent study by the University of Plymouth and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory demonstrated …
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ELP coacervate imaged by FlowCam flow imaging microscopy Marvin et al 2018
New High-Throughput Method for Elastin-like Polymer (ELP) Coacervate Analysis
December 2018 — A recent study by researchers from the University of New England and University of New Hampshire has demonstrated that flow imaging …
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FlowCam printer toner circularity quality assurance
FlowCam Particle Analyzer for Printer Ink Pigment & Toner Quality Assurance
The uniformity of a printer toner particle affects the distribution of charge the particle holds and as a result, can affect the image quality of the …
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FlowCam Cyano collage of harmful algae species
A Blueprint to Monitor Toxin-Producing Cyanobacteria With FlowCam
Ensure Safe Drinking Water Climate conditions are conducive to both harmful algae blooms (HABs) as well as taste and odor events in drinking water …
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Microplastic Fibers imaged by the FlowCam
Are Blue Mussels the New Microplastic Fiber Sink? A study by Bigelow Lab
December 2018 — Microplastics are an ubiquitous concern for the world's oceans. Increasing demand for consumer plastics has resulted in an estimated …
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NIST protein standard imaged by FlowCam
The Value of Flow Imaging in Quality Assurance for Drug Manufacturers
Today’s drug manufacturers are under increasing pressure to understand the particulate composition of their drugs, and to reduce and control …
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Meiobenthos meiofauna imaged by FlowCam Kitahashi et al 2018
New Method for Meiobenthos Analysis Using FlowCam
Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, and Am-Lab Inc. developed a methodology to use the FlowCam® for analysis …
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FlowCam Nano images of biopharmaceutical sample
Detection of Subvisible Particulates in Bioformulations to Ensure Safety
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers strive to ensure patient safety, avoid recalls and protect company reputations. Identifying subvisible particles is …
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Microcystis colonies imaged by the FlowCam at 10X.
New Method for Cell Counting Microcystis Colonies Using Image Processing Method
October 2018 — Environmental Engineering Research published a paper presenting a new method for cell counting Microcystis colonies using the …
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Anabaena imaged by the FlowCam
Study by University of Alberta finds the FlowCam is a reliable and faster alternative to manual microscopy for cyanobacterial bloom monitoring
Scientists at the University of Alberta, Alberta Health, and University of Calgary compared the efficacy of using the FlowCam to traditional light …
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Japanese Consortium Assesses the Standardization of Flow Imaging Microscopy for Therapeutic Protein Regulations
In a recent study by Kiyoshi et al., a Japanese consortium conducted a collaborative study to assess the standardization of flow imaging microscopy …
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FlowCam images of oil in water
Oil in water characterization by FlowCam dynamic fluid imaging
In this recently published paper, colleagues at Baker Hughes demonstrated that flow imaging microscopy can be used to analyze the oil content in …
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FlowCam images of dandelion sporopollen exine capsules
Dandelion Pollen: A Promising Drug Delivery and Microencapsulation Vehicle
Pollen-based microcapsules such as hollow sporopollen exine capsules (SECs) have emerged as excellent drug delivery and microencapsulation vehicles …
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Akademik loffe research vessel in arctic
FlowCam Aboard Arctic Ocean Vessel to Assist in Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Analysis during Northwest Passage
One Ocean Expeditions' vessel Akademik loffe will be setting sail on August 23rd for 22 days with a team of scientists, students and a film crew to …
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FlowCam collage of microplastic fibers
Microplastics in Our Oceans: How Can We Study These Microscopic Pollutants?
Microplastics are ubiquitous. They result from the breakdown of larger plastic waste (plastic bottles, bags, straws, glitter, fishing nets, …
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University of Algarve FlowCam training group photo
Fluorescent Photopigments Captured with Trigger Mode at the University of Algarve
The FlowCam's "trigger-mode" enables the user to capture individual images of excited, fluorescing particles every time one passes the camera. …
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FlowCam collage of Microcystis harmful algae colonies
Semi-automated method for detecting and counting cells of cyanobacterial colonies and filaments
At the 2nd Interdisciplinary Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms (IFHAB) Workshop in Toronto, Ontario (April 16-18, 2018) Sales Representative Frances …
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Nicholas Ray collects samples in estuary
The Oyster's Effect on Silica Cycling and Diatom Abundance in Temperate Estuaries
Nicholas Ray, PhD candidate at Boston University, was the 2016 recipient of the Fluid Imaging Technologies student research grant program.  …
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Discriminate particulates in protein therapeutics using particle size and shape 
Your current particle analyzer counts the subvisible particles in your protein therapeutic. A particle size distribution curve is generated and …
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FlowCam collage of Anabaenopsis harmful algae
Monitoring for Taste & Odor Algae at Newport News Waterworks
I recently had the opportunity to speak with FlowCam users at Newport News Waterworks in the City of Newport News, Virginia.  Serving over 400,000 …
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Aphanizomenon harmful algae imaged by FlowCam
Beyond just pigment detection.... How FlowCam aided Ultrasonic Buoy HAB mitigation
The FlowCam has shown itself to be a complementary monitoring tool to aid in harmful algal bloom (HAB) mitigation and prevention. 
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Monitoring for HABs and Invasive Species with the FlowCam at Big Bear Municipal Water District.
Big Bear Municipal Water District (BBMWD) is a small water utility located in Big Bear California. The MWD is responsible for the overall management …
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FlowCam images of zooplankton copepods from study
FlowCam's Area Based Diameter (ABD) is More Accurate than Manual Microscopy When Measuring the Biovolume of Copepods
Aquatic researchers have long relied upon monitoring zooplankton to understand the trophic status and ecological response of an aquatic system. …
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Infographic of the particle analysis and compact simulation methods used by Salvadori et al. (2017)
Prolate or Oblate? FlowCam used for compact metal powder microstructure analysis
Compact dry powders are used in our daily lives—they are used to create pharmaceutical tablets, detergent tablets, cosmetics, and candy. Production …
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FlowCam Macro Integrated With SAHFOS Continuous Plankton Recorder
Since 1958, the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS) has been observing changes to the foundations of the marine ecosystem by …
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FlowCam images of peptide particles
Overcoming Nonhomogeneity: How to Analyze Subvisible Particles that Range in Size with Flow Imaging
The most common method for characterizing subvisible particles (SVP) ranging in size from 10µm to 100µm is light obscuration (LO).  "LO, however, has …
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Stock photo of algae cultivation
Analysis of Triacylglycerol (TAG) Algae Lipid Productivity with FlowCam
High production rates of traicylglycerol (TAG), a lipid produced in microalgae, is a desirable trait in microalgae selection and cultivation.  TAG is …
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Algae Viability Analysis with FlowCam: Effect of Continuous Flow Electrocoagulation Flocculation
Large-scale, commercialized microalgae cultivation and harvesting processes which are used to produce algae-based biofuels are resource intensive. …
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Chlorella vulgaris captured by the FlowCam at 20X
Quantification and Morphological Analysis of Algae Using Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis
Coral Jane Fung Shek, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, explored the efficacy and accurary of using dynamic imaging particle analysis, …
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Replicate mesocosm experiments used to analyze the effects of elevated CO2 levels and Fe on phytoplankton populations, Raunefjord (60.39oN, 5.32oE) off of Bergen, Norway from June 5-27, 2012.
Hawaii to Berlin - FlowCam Customer Profile: Stella Berger at Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries - IGB
Harry Nelson, Frances Buerkens, Kay Johnson and CEO Kent Peterson recently had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Association for the Sciences of …
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FlowCam collage of Brachionus rubens zooplankton grazers
Early Detection of Predatory Grazers in Algae Cultures
Research suggests that microalgal-based biofuels offer a promising alternative to fossil fuels, providing environmental benefits and rapid production …
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Coral reef
Coral Reef Research, Global Climate Change and FlowCam
Researchers are investigating the impact of rising ocean temperatures on sea life. Coral reefs host some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems …
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University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography photo with FlowCam training certificates