FlowCam Nano

FlowCam Nano provides dynamic image analysis of submicron particles from 300 nm to 2 µm, bridging the gap between traditional flow imaging microscopy and other particle analysis techniques.

Use FlowCam Nano for early detection of aggregates and contaminant monitoring for protein formulations, nano-drug delivery systems, characterization of bacteria, bioprocess monitoring, and materials characterization.

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FlowCam Nano is a flow imaging microscope for submicron particle imaging in biopharmaceutical and other materials applications. Its advanced optical imaging capabilities enable detection and morphological analysis of the smallest particles observable using light microscopy.

Detect submicron-sized particles including protein aggregates and small oligomers of drug delivery vehicles like LNPs and exosomes to proactively improve product stability and quality—even before larger particles are present.

FlowCam Nano extends subvisible particle analysis to detect objects between 300 nanometers and 2 micrometers - the smallest visible with light microscopy.


  • Detect early API aggregate formation and other forms of sample degradation that are prone to generating larger subvisible and visible particles
  • Acquire high-resolution images to detect and identify submicron particle types to inform product development and monitor product quality
  • Obtain size, morphology, and relative concentrations of particles that are too small to be detected by traditional Flow Imaging Microscopy
  • Experience integrated, industry-leading VisualSpreadsheet software with the unique ability to image, classify, and characterize nanoparticles in real-time with an easy-to-use interface


  • Flow imaging and particle sizing from 300 nm to 2 µm using oil immersion with 40X magnification
  • Minimum sample volume of 100 µL
  • Sample flow rate up to 25 μL/minute
  • High-resolution monochrome camera
  • Compatible with aqueous solvents for analysis in native buffers
  • Ease of use with disposable flow cells and autofocus technology

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