FlowCam Particle Analysis Simplifies Quality Control of Food & Beverage Products

Ingredients are critical in all facets of the food and beverage industry. Flow imaging microscopy allows you to isolate different particle types from a heterogeneous mixture in order to ensure quality and detect process flaws.

An efficient, high-throughput analysis tool, FlowCam can detect variations in particle size, morphology, and texture allowing for streamlined quality control.

Use FlowCam to:

  • Ensure uniformity within homogeneous mixtures while also checking for undesirable agglomerations and foreign contaminants
  • Distinguish between and quantify distinct particle types from heterogeneous mixtures to better understand ingredient composition
  • Compare properties between different raw material lots to detect process flaws and reduce product variability
“Most people just don’t know enough about how particle morphology affects product performance or flow characteristics…Seeing digital images of individual particles with FlowCam provided the documentation I needed to prove [that particle shape variation from batch to batch was causing variability in particle behavior]”

Improve the Taste and Texture of Your Food and Beverage Products with FlowCam

Particle size distribution and shape impacts not only taste and texture but flavor, quality, and production efficiency.

FlowCam has been used in a variety of food and beverage applications for the following advantages:

  • Examine particle morphology and aggregation in relation to viscosity and texture differences between raw ingredient lots
  • Assess size and viability of microorganisms, including yeast and bacteria
  • Study proportion of different structural forms of fungi to create meat and dairy alternatives 
  • Characterize size, shape, integrity, and concentration of pulp particles in their concentrate to deliver uniformity of texture and flavor in products
  • Optimize encapsulation process by dynamically monitoring capsule formation process over time
  • Compare images to monitor microencapsulation process for flavoring research and development

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