FlowCam Macro

Extend your particle imaging capabilities from 300 μm to 5 mm with FlowCam Macro for aquatic and environmental research and materials characterization.

Obtain detailed morphological data along with accurate counting and sizing measurements to enable differentiation of diverse zooplankton species and particle types.

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FlowCam Macro is the flow imaging microscope of choice for visible particles. Direct, image-based morphological measurements give you details not available with other particle analysis methods.

Monitor the sphericity of manufactured beads, the shape and structure of fibers, polymers, crystals, and powders, or achieve taxonomic identification of zooplankton with superior particle images and image analysis VisualSpreadsheet software.

A FlowCam Macro collage of zooplankton captured off the coast of Zanzibar Island


  • Perform automated flow imaging microscopy for visible particle analysis
  • Identify and enumerate zooplankton species in marine and freshwater environments
  • Perform quality control of food and beverage ingredients
  • Ensure product quality for advanced materials applications
  • Measure a broad scope of morphological parameters for cross-validation of data
  • Recirculate sample volume to ensure that representative samples are measured


  • Particle size range: 300 μm to 5 mm
  • Magnification: 0.5X
  • Sample flow rate: Up to 750 mL/minute, flow through or recirculating
  • High-capacity industrial peristaltic pump, 2 mm (deep) or 5 mm (deep) flow cell
  • Camera type: High resolution (1920x1200 pixels) CMOS. Monochrome
  • Easy-to-use instrument with fully integrated VisualSpreadsheet software

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