FlowCam for Advanced Materials Performance Testing

Effective particle analysis techniques are essential to quality control programs across a wide range of manufacturing industries.

FlowCam offers a complete solution for characterizing particles, ensuring end-product quality and conformity with industry regulations.

Use FlowCam to:

  • Perform compliance testing in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards
  • Enhance quality assurance programs by monitoring particle uniformity and consistency throughout the production process
  • Determine filter performance by comparing image and concentration data pre and post-separation
  • Evaluate quality of raw materials as inputs into manufacturing processes
“Millions of synthesized particles are analyzed in minutes with FlowCam to provide a robust statistical analysis of their geometry, and rapidly elucidate the roles of the reaction constituents on the particle shape and yield.”

Enhance Particle Analysis and Characterization with Digital Images

FlowCam is a comprehensive dynamic imaging analysis platform that provides an efficient method to confirm data obtained from other particle analysis techniques.

With real digital images, you can verify the size, shape, and identity of your particles.

  • Confirm size, shape, circularity and material uniformity of printer toner particles during and after production.
  • Evaluate size and shape uniformity of superabrasive particles such as micronized diamonds and cubic boron nitride (CBN).
  • Compare material properties across processing stages using parameters specifically designed to accurately measure fiber morphology.
  • Validate wash water cleanliness and visually confirm, quantify, and characterize each particle type.

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