FlowCam for Environmental Monitoring and Research

Flow Imaging Microscopy offers a new perspective on environmental particle analysis. With high-quality digital images, FlowCam provides insights into soil sciences, pollen viability studies, atmospheric particle studies, microplastics analysis, stormwater runoff, and environmental monitoring.

Additional applications include wastewater processing, aerosol analysis, sediment studies, and advanced material science analysis.

Use FlowCam to:

  • Optimize encapsulation processes by dynamically monitoring the capsule formation process over time
  • Evaluate pollen particles and pollen shell capsule integrity for seed and fruit health
  • Study aerosols and environmental pollutants
  • Determine presence of and monitor health and growth of soil microbes, mites, forest litter invertebrates, and nematodes
“In our study of the photocatalytic transformations of metal particles in the atmosphere, FlowCam allowed us to characterize and quantify sizes of Fe (III)-Citrate proxy particles and overcome limitations of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) while also collecting particle images and showing clear differences in particle morphology between unreacted samples and photo reacted samples with varying durations of light exposure”

Explore FlowCam Applications for Agricultural Sciences

Ensure successful crop production and profitability by monitoring the health and vitality of inputs to your agricultural system and analyzing data to improve the quality of feed, soil drainage, crop yield, and fertilizer potency.

FlowCam provides real-time results and analyses - minimizing the resources you need to meet regulatory, ecological, economic, and social requirements of sustainable farm management.

  • Assess pollen viability using colorimetric data and customizable size and shape filter criteria
  • Evaluate agricultural system health by imaging, categorizing, and quantifying microbial communities in soils and livestock guts
  • Optimize milling and granulation operations by comparing particle images and morphologic features across process steps
  • Detect aggregation and inflated size distributions in fertilizers and soil amendments that may slow the rate of solubility

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