Introducing VisualAI

Integrated Artificial Intelligence Software for Subvisible Particle Analysis

VisualAI™, an add-on module for VisualSpreadsheet 6, is a pre-trained, AI-driven image analysis module that recognizes images of biopharmaceutical aggregates captured on any FlowCam 8100 or FlowCam LO instrument. VisualAI is a powerful tool for quantifying protein aggregate and silicone oil droplet content in protein-based drug products.

FlowCam with VisualAI provides a powerful, off-the-shelf solution for differentiating subvisible particles in your protein formulations. The software also includes features that can be used to identify anomalous particles such as calibration beads and air bubbles.

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FlowCam VisualAI artificial intelligence software graphic

VisualAI for FlowCam – Key Benefits

VisualSpreadsheet graphic user interface showing protein aggregates in a biopharmaceutical sample detected and sorted by VisualAI.

VisualSpreadsheet showing protein aggregates in a biopharmaceutical sample classified by VisualAI.

  • Implement an integrated, sample-agnostic machine learning solution for subvisible particle analysis with FlowCam
  • Classify images of protein biotherapeutics automatically with higher than 90% accuracy
  • Accurately analyze samples with out-of-the-box software – no AI expertise, training data collection, or classifier development required
  • Acquire data and determine protein aggregate and silicone oil droplet concentrations for any biotherapeutic formulation captured on FlowCam 8100 or FlowCam LO instruments with a single software package
  • Use built-in anomaly detection to isolate images of calibration beads, air bubbles, and other common FlowCam contaminants to obtain more accurate particle concentrations
  • Apply efficient yet powerful AI-driven image analysis tools on standard laptops or desktops – no sophisticated hardware or cloud services required

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Learn more about the performance and features of VisualAI in our white paper:

"Robust AI Methods for Protein Therapeutics: VisualAI software for sample-agnostic image analysis with FlowCam"

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