FlowCam Cyano

FlowCam Cyano provides an innovative solution for freshwater research and monitoring of drinking water reservoirs and recreational water bodies.

A high-throughput, automated alternative to manual microscopy, FlowCam Cyano automatically differentiates between fluorescence-emitting Cyanobacteria and other algae while enabling the early detection of harmful algal blooms.

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Fluorescence-based flow imaging microscopy with FlowCam Cyano functions like a flow cytometer by using laser excitation to image and identify Cyanobacteria and differentiate them from algae and other particles in aquatic samples. Its optical configuration uses a red laser (633 nm) to detect the unique fluorescence emissions from aquatic organisms. Automate your aquatic research methods and be proactive in your water treatment options with FlowCam Cyano.


  • Identify and enumerate Cyanobacteria in freshwater and marine environments using high-sensitivity fluorescence detection
  • Calculate algae cell counts, concentration, and biovolume
  • Save time and money on drinking water testing, and eliminate customer complaints
  • Automatically identify organisms by creating libraries in VisualSpreadsheet software


  • Particle size range: 2 µm to 1 mm; Magnification options : 20X, 10X, 4X, and 2X
  • High-resolution color camera
  • 2 fluorescence channels to differentiate Cyanobacteria from other algae: 633 nm laser (Chlorophyll - Ch1: 700 nm ± 10 nm, Phycocyanin - Ch2: 650 nm ± 10 nm)
  • Minimum sample volume: 100 µL
  • Sample flow rate: 0.05 mL/minute up to 10 mL/minute, depending on flow cell configuration
  • Ease of use instrumentation & fully integrated VisualSpreadsheet software

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