FlowCam LO

Innovative particle characterization with FlowCam LO combines flow imaging microscopy (FIM) and light obscuration (LO) into a single analytical solution.

Beyond the compendial light obscuration method to fulfill USP <787> and <788> requirements, flow imaging microscopy provides an orthogonal method for quality control of subvisible particulate matter.

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USP <1788> introduces flow imaging as a technique to provide complementary morphology information and to overcome undercounting and undersizing challenges with the light obscuration method when measuring translucent particles such as proteins and other biological drugs.

Obtain light obscuration data to meet USP regulatory guidelines and verify your results with the highest quality images in FlowCam LO – all in a single instrument and single sample run.

To learn more, download our eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy


  • Perform both flow imaging and light obscuration measurements sequentially in the same instrument
  • Obtain compendial particle sizing and counting according to USP <787> and <788>
  • Acquire statistically significant results in less than a minute, with as little as 100 μL of sample
  • Monitor and control particulates in your formulations


  • Particle size range: 2 μm to 70 μm; Flow imaging module: 10x (~100x magnification)
  • Minimum sample volume: 100 μL
  • Sample flow rate: 0.2 mL/minute
  • Camera type: High resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) CMOS, monochrome
  • Solvent compatibility: wide range of aqueous and organic fluids, including high-viscosity solvents and buffers
  • Ease of use instrumentation & fully integrated VisualSpreadsheet software with optional VisualAI software module

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