Flow Imaging Microscopy


For applications where morphological characterization with high-quality images is a must, FlowCam has established itself as a leading technology.

Used worldwide in biopharmaceutical formulation development, oceanographic research, water quality monitoring, and materials characterization, FlowCam accurately determines size, count, and shape of particles.

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Learn more about how Flow Imaging Microscopy can quantify subvisible and submicron API aggregates and other particulates using morphological parameters and artificial intelligence.


Explore how FlowCam provides high-resolution images and precision morphological information for subvisible and submicron particles.

Flow Imaging Microscopy is an essential biophysical characterization method for biotherapeutics research, formulation, and development for proteins and nano-drug delivery systems, such as lipid nanoparticles, viral vectors, and cell and gene therapy products.

Ensure the safety and efficacy of your biologics with Flow Imaging Microscopy, a recommended orthogonal method to Light Obscuration for determining subvisible particulate content in parenteral drug formulations per USP <1788>.

Discover how FlowCam is used in marine and freshwater applications, aquaculture, and microalgae cultivation


Discover a fast and accurate alternative to tedious manual microscopy with FlowCam.

Easily quantify phytoplankton and zooplankton biovolume and community composition, monitor source water, and identify cyanobacteria and harmful algae blooms.

Flow imaging microscopy is an automated imaging particle analysis technology that combines the benefits of flow cytometry with high-resolution images to ensure the health and safety of our water bodies.

Learn how Flow Imaging Microscopy works to characterize microparticles in a fluid medium


Use FlowCam to go beyond particle sizing and counting. Flow imaging microscopy - also known as dynamic image analysis - provides high-resolution morphology of particles to improve product quality and performance.

Explore how flow imaging microscopy visualizes particles in materials, environmental, and chemical applications: from food and beverage ingredients to crop science, printer toner, fiber analysis, additive manufacturing, and polymer composition analysis.

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