FlowCam for Protein Therapeutics Development and Manufacturing 

Discover a high-throughput flow imaging microscopy platform for characterizing API aggregates and other particulates in your protein, monoclonal antibody, or antibody-drug conjugate formulation.

Monitor your formulation for protein aggregates, intrinsic particles including silicone oil, degraded polysorbate, and glass flakes, as well as extrinsic contaminants.

FlowCam provides quality assurance for your parenteral drug product to give you peace of mind about the stability and safety of your formulation. 

Use FlowCam to:

  • Count and size protein aggregates as small as 300 nm with industry-leading image quality 
  • Obtain complementary particle image data recommended by USP <1788> to verify orthogonal particle size measurements by light obscuration 
  • Utilize image-based analytics including artificial intelligence tools to classify subvisible and submicron particles 
“With FlowCam we get to see the particle morphology instead of just counts, and that really helps facilitate the debugging process if we encounter any issues during the development of new products.”

FlowCam Provides Confidence in Protein Formulation Quality

Capture high-resolution images for the identification of particle type, allowing you to detect and mitigate undesirable and potentially harmful particle formation at the source. 

Improve formulation design based on knowledge obtained by using FlowCam in accelerated protein stability studies.

  • Use FlowCam LO to obtain USP <787> compendial particle sizing information and images in a single instrument in quality control monitoring  
  • Improve lab productivity and data reproducibility with ALH for FlowCam automated liquid handling. 
  • Employ VisualAI™ to classify images of protein biotherapeutics automatically with higher than 90% accuracy 

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