FlowCam® and VisualSpreadsheet® Products

FlowCam Imaging Flow Cytometer and Particle Analyzer 

FlowCam is a flow imaging microscope and cytometer, with a paired image analysis software called VisualSpreadsheet. FlowCam rapidly counts and images particles in a fluid stream. VisualSpreadsheet measures, sorts, and analyzes the particle images with intuitive filters and easy ways to export and analyze data in other programs when necessary.

There are several FlowCam models designed for different applications. Scroll down to see the currently available models. 

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    Measures particle size and shape —  collect over 40 measurements on each particle imaged for a more comprehensive analysis
    Provides superior image quality and image-based measurements — Fast and accurate results you can see, backed by the quantitative data to prove it
    Gives statistically relevant results quickly — Capture tens of thousands of particle images per minute
    Allows automated particle characterization based on statistical pattern recognition —  Saves you time by automatically filtering different types of particles into user-created libraries
    Delivers accurate results on all particles from 300 nm to 5 mm

FlowCam Models

FlowCam 8000 Series

FlowCam Straight-On Desktop - Cropped - low resFor particles 2 µm to 1 mm. Compatible with Automated Liquid Handler. Laser options available. FlowCam 8000 is used for:

FlowCam Nano

Nano Gen 2 transparent backgroundFor characterization of particles 300 nm to 2 µm. FlowCam Nano is used for:


FlowCam Cyano

FlowCam Cyano - square

For quick cyanobacteria detection and enumeration. FlowCam Cyano differentiates cyanobacteria from other algae using pigment fluorescence. FlowCam Cyano is used for:


FlowCam 5000

FlowCam 5000 rendering w. logo - transparent background

The newest addition to the FlowCam family, this streamlined instrument is our most affordable FlowCam. Designed for rapid data acquisition and analysis, FlowCam 5000 is ideally suited for process specific applications.

FlowCam LO

FlowCam LOObtain Flow Imaging and Light Obscuration data with one instrument. FlowCam LO is used for:




FlowCam Macro

FlowCam MacroFor microorganisms sized 300 µm to 5 mm. FlowCam Macro is used for:



FlowCam ALH

FlowCam Automated Liquid HandlerFor automated, high-throughput, unsupervised sample analysis of up to ninety-six 1-mL samples. Compatible with the FlowCam 8000 Series. FlowCam ALH is used for:



VisualSpreadsheet Image Analysis Software

VisualSpreadsheet FlowCam Aquatic Sample RunOur proprietary software, VisualSpreadsheet, performs image recognition, particle measurements, statistical analyses, data collection, and enables data manipulation. With VisualSpreadsheet (ViSP), which is included with every FlowCam, you can create image libraries, image filters, and perform image classification for semi-automated particle identification. Export data in CSV format. Visit the ViSP page for more information.



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