ALH for FlowCam

The ALH for FlowCam™ Automated Liquid Handling system integrates with FlowCam 8000 series instruments, FlowCam LO, and FlowCam Cyano to automate sample handling and FlowCam operation.

ALH for FlowCam minimizes the risk of human error and improves measurement repeatability, ensures safer lab operation, and increases productivity.

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Automate your flow imaging microscopy workflow with ALH for FlowCam. A configurable multi-well plate deck ensures uniform sample heating, cooling, mixing, and accurate volumetric transfer to FlowCam for repeatable and reproducible measurements.

High-sample throughput saves time while providing the most reliable data for your analyses. ALH for FlowCam is designed to meet laboratory needs for automation, analysis, and flexibility with state-of-the-art robotic handling.

ALH for FlowCam configurable deck layout


  • Fully unattended flow imaging microscopy for up to 384 samples
  • Higher productivity and improved data reproducibility via automation
  • A configurable sample deck for flexible sample queuing and preparation
  • Powerful, easy-to-use software with integrated data acquisition in VisualSpreadsheet
  • HEPA-filtered sample enclosure for cleaner sample handling and particle analysis
  • Full-service package available including ALH installation, IQ/OQ validation, and annual maintenance with your FlowCam


  • Single channel, 1 mL automated dispensing with Disposable, epT.I.P.S.® Motion style tips
  • 10-position plate deck layout supports 8-, 24-, 96-, 384- shallow well and deep well micro-well plates
  • Accessories: Robotic pipet dispenser, liquid level detection, heating/cooling nests, shaker nest
  • Positive pressure HEPA filtration environmental (particulate) control
  • SoftLinxTM and VisualSpreadsheet software integration
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance software option available

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