FlowCam Particle Analysis for Food and Beverage Characterization

FlowCam Particle Analysis for Food and Beverage Characterization

When considering how to characterize your subvisible particles for food and beverage production it's important to be able to see the images of different particle types.

Your ingredients are critical in all facets of the food and beverage industry. From formulation research to production quality control, the unique capabilities of the FlowCam provide information on particle size and shape (morphology) so you can isolate different particle types from a heterogeneous mixture.

Pictured above, fruit juice sample imaged by the FlowCam. This beverage manufacturer was interested in characterizing size, shape, and concentration of pulp particles in their concentrate mixture.

The advantage of a system that shows you images of your particles (over non-imaging technologies like Light Obscuration) is that you can ensure the contents of your products are what you intend.  Ensure quality and detect process flaws easily.

Download Brochure: FlowCam for Materials Characterization

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