One-way smoke concept image - man with smoke and particles
Revealing the Secret to Invisibility: Optical Camouflage Using Particle Shape
From the time of Arthurian legends, fantasy novels like Harry Potter, and across the galaxies of the Klingon empire, cloaking technology has …
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FlowCam Helps Cornell University Expand Geothermal Heating Solutions
We recently spoke with Dr. Adam Hawkins, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell …
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FlowCam images of micronized diamonds
FlowCam for the Characterization of Abrasive Compounds
Superabrasives, such as micronized diamonds and cubic boron nitride (CBN), are used extensively in applications for cutting, grinding, and drilling …
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FlowCam collage of fibers
Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy
Geometry can play a crucial role in the performance of fibers in different applications. Shape factors that influence performance include length …
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FlowCam collage of printer toner
Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Enhance Particle Analysis of Printer Toner
An interview with Steve Bowen, Director of Sales, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies What is particle analysis? Particle analysis involves taking a …
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FlowCam collage of corn starch particles
Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids
This year, in lieu of their annual conference and exhibition, Powder & Bulk Solids hosted a virtual conference: The Powder Show: Digital Flow. …
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Bimodal powder packing density diagram
FlowCam Used for Particle Morphology Analysis in Manufacturing of Bimodal Metal Powder at Cornell University
Metal Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3-D printing) requires carefully engineered compound metal powders in order to make high-quality end …
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Column Packing Particles FlowCam
FlowCam for Characterization of Column Packing Material
High-performance liquid chromatographyis a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. It …
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FlowCam collage of oil in water
FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis
How do you perform Oil in Water analysis? Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction, beyond just count and size …
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FlowCam collage of oil and gas completion fluid particles
Better Cleanliness Testing of Hydraulic Fluid, Lubrication Oil, and Fuel with FlowCam
Hydraulic fluids, lubrication oils, and fuel need to be monitored for cleanliness according to standards such as ISO 4406 or NAS 1638. Optical …
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Plastic water kettle
FlowCam Used in Study Comparing Particulates Shedding from Plastic vs. Glass Electric Water Kettles
It is no secret that plastic has found its way into more and more everyday products. However, it may be surprising to learn about the sheer volume of …
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FlowCam collage of microencapsulated flavor particles
Chemical Manufacturers Use FlowCam Imaging Particle Analyzer for Product Analysis
Recent studies have shown that knowing the actual length and width of particles in chemical formulations can be of critical importance to product …
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