FlowCam collage of microencapsulated flavor particles
Chemical Manufacturers Use FlowCam Imaging Particle Analyzer for Product Analysis
Recent studies have shown that knowing the actual length and width of particles in chemical formulations can be of critical importance to product …
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skim tank particle size distribution flowcam
Baker Hughes Study Demonstrates a New, Quick Method for Produced Water Analysis
A study by Baker Hughes demonstrates that the FlowCam® imaging particle analysis technology is a more informative method than spectrophotometry to …
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FlowCam printer toner circularity quality assurance
FlowCam Particle Analyzer for Printer Ink Pigment & Toner Quality Assurance
The uniformity of a printer toner particle affects the distribution of charge the particle holds and as a result, can affect the image quality of the …
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FlowCam images of oil in water
Oil in water characterization by FlowCam dynamic fluid imaging
In this recently published paper, colleagues at Baker Hughes demonstrated that flow imaging microscopy can be used to analyze the oil content in …
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Infographic of the particle analysis and compact simulation methods used by Salvadori et al. (2017)
Prolate or Oblate? FlowCam used for compact metal powder microstructure analysis
Compact dry powders are used in our daily lives—they are used to create pharmaceutical tablets, detergent tablets, cosmetics, and candy. Production …
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