Webinar: FlowCam for Aquatic Applications

Webinar: FlowCam for Aquatic Applications

We recently presented a webinar version of a popular FlowCam workshop presented at 2023's ICHA conference (International Conference on Harmful Algae) in Hiroshima, Japan - expanded to include additional applications in marine science beyond just HABs. The webinar includes some history and principles of flow imaging microscopy (FIM) and case studies exemplifying how FlowCam is used for algae research projects and monitoring programs. Specific case studies pertain to the following topics:

  1. Plankton and zooplankton research
  2. Water quality/HAB monitoring
  3. Shellfish aquaculture research
  4. Marine Snow & the biological pump
  5. Microalgae cultivation

FlowCam provides a powerful tool to automate the analysis of organisms and microscopic particles in aquatic environments.  Some of our customers have started naming their FlowCam instruments in the lab and considering them as research associates, because they couldn't do the work without them! 

If you've always been curious about how FlowCam works and how it is applied in a variety of research settings, we have the perfect webinar for you.

"An Overview of FlowCam for Aquatic Applications." 

This presentation: 

  • Discusses the basic operating principles of FlowCam
  • Provides a framework to evaluate if/how FIM can expedite your existing workflow
  • Demonstrates how FIM has been implemented successfully in other research programs

Watch the Webinar

If you'd like to read more about the applications mentioned in the webinar, download our ebook or application note: 

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