How to Care for Your FlowCam 8000 Flow Cell

How to Care for Your FlowCam 8000 Flow Cell

Your FlowCam and and accompanying hardware are built to last. Our new technical note describes how you can keep your field-of-view (FOV) flow cell and entire microfluidics system clean and operational in order to maximize the lifespan of your components.

FOV flow cells are transparent glass products made from fused silica. Regular cleaning and safe storage between uses is the best way to ensure your flow cell stays in good condition for a long time. We invite your to download our detailed technical note with instructions for:


flowcam-technical-note-pdf-flow-cell-care1. Proper flow cell handling and storage

Learn how to hold your flow cell to avoid smudges, and store your flow cell to keep it clean and dry.


2. Cleaning your flow cell and entire microfluidics system

Before and after every flow imaging run, it is important to make sure the microfluidics system, including the sample port, microfluidic tubings, and flow cell, are particle-free.

3. Clearing a clogged flow cell

If you suspect your FOV flow cell is clogged, remove the flow cell from the flow cell chamber and inspect the inner channel with a magnifying glass or upright microscope.


You may download the technical note using the button below, or through our Customer Support Center.

If you have any further questions about caring for your flow cell, please email us at or call 207-289-3200, and select Option 1.

Download the Technical Note

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