Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy

Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy

FlowCam technical note thumbnail - Fiber analysis with flow imaging microsocpyGeometry can play a crucial role in the performance of fibers in different applications. Shape factors that influence performance include length (i.e. size of the longest dimension of the fiber), width (i.e. size of the shortest dimension), and curl. Despite the importance of fiber geometry, many conventional particle sizing measurements struggle to accurately capture the morphology of these particles.

Our newly published technical note, Fiber Analysis with Flow Imaging Microscopy, reviews the definitions of Feret measurements for length and width and how they compare to Geodesic Length and Geodesic Thickness. It demonstrates how FlowCam uses Geodesic measurements along with fiber straightness and curl properties to more accurately report fiber size and shape than other particle analysis methods.

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