lobster larvae photo by jessica waller
Effects of Microplastics on Maine Lobster: New Maine Sea Grant Awarded to Bigelow Lab
A Maine Sea Grant has just been awarded to Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science to study the effects on the lobster, one of Maine's most economically …
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FlowCam collage of bioluminescent plankton
FlowCam for Semi-Automated Algae Analysis
How do you analyze algae populations? Algae analysis is simplified using FlowCam's image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet®. While manual …
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FlowCam collage of oil in water
FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis
How do you perform Oil in Water analysis? Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction, beyond just count and size …
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VisualSpreadsheet file processing mode windows
File Processing Mode Enables Users To Reprocess Files and Adjust Camera Settings After The Fact
Every version of VisualSpreadsheet® is equipped with File Processing Mode, a unique tool offered by the FlowCam®. It offers an efficient and …
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FlowCam collage of cyanobacteria including Microcystis, Anabaena, Lyngbya
Top 6 FlowCam Studies on Cyanobacteria
Our ability to predict and prevent harmful algal blooms is directly related to our ability to study and understand cyanobacteria. Numerous studies …
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Ocean floor with surface and sky
Top FlowCam Papers for Marine Research (Recent Publications)
The FlowCam was born from a dream to develop a faster flow cytometer for marine phytoplankton research. In the mid-1990s, the best method for …
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Wichita Falls Lake at sunset
FlowCam Part of Integrated Approach to Eliminate Taste and Odor Events in Wichita Falls, TX
March 2019 — Harmful algal bloom (HAB) season is fast approaching. The City of Wichita Falls, Texas, however, has developed an integrated approach to …
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skim tank particle size distribution flowcam
Baker Hughes Study Demonstrates a New, Quick Method for Produced Water Analysis
A study by Baker Hughes demonstrates that the FlowCam® imaging particle analysis technology is a more informative method than spectrophotometry to …
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FlowCam collage of particles in biotherapeutic formulation
Biotherapeutic Reformulation Achieved Through Extended Particle Analysis
Proteinaceous particles in parenteral drugs pose an immunogenic risk. These formulations are therefore rigorously characterized for optimal …
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FlowCam collage of copepods
Fooled Copepods Ingest Dimethyl Sulfide-Infused Microplastics
December 2018 — Can microplastics be mistaken for algae? A recent study by the University of Plymouth and the Plymouth Marine Laboratory demonstrated …
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ELP coacervate imaged by FlowCam flow imaging microscopy Marvin et al 2018
New High-Throughput Method for Elastin-like Polymer (ELP) Coacervate Analysis
December 2018 — A recent study by researchers from the University of New England and University of New Hampshire has demonstrated that flow imaging …
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Microplastic Fibers imaged by the FlowCam
Are Blue Mussels the New Microplastic Fiber Sink? A study by Bigelow Lab
December 2018 — Microplastics are an ubiquitous concern for the world's oceans. Increasing demand for consumer plastics has resulted in an estimated …
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