FlowCam transparent particle images showing how thresholding works
The Benefits of Light and Dark Pixel Thresholding
Thresholding is a method of image segmentation used in image processing to discern the boundaries of an object from its background. Semi-transparent …
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FlowCam collage of printer toner
Using Flow Imaging Microscopy to Enhance Particle Analysis of Printer Toner
An interview with Steve Bowen, Director of Sales, Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies What is particle analysis? Particle analysis involves taking a …
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FlowCam collage of corn starch particles
Measuring Sphericity & Aggregates of Powders Dispersed in Fluids
This year, in lieu of their annual conference and exhibition, Powder & Bulk Solids hosted a virtual conference: The Powder Show: Digital Flow. …
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Bimodal powder packing density diagram
FlowCam Used for Particle Morphology Analysis in Manufacturing of Bimodal Metal Powder at Cornell University
Metal Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3-D printing) requires carefully engineered compound metal powders in order to make high-quality end …
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Stock photo of oil rig
Hunting Energy Services Uses FlowCam for Manufacturing and R&D Fluid Cleanliness Measurement
Hunting Energy Services (HES), Subsea Technologies Division, is a manufacturer of subsea hydraulic products for the oil and gas industry. Their suite …
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Bacteria growing in petri dish
FlowCam 8000 to Help Iowa State University Researchers Gain Further Understanding of Particle-Bacterium Interactions
The Anderson (Chemistry) and Brehm-Stecher (Food Science) groups at Iowa State University have been awarded a FlowCam Research Equipment and Travel …
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FlowCam images of Serratia marcescens-induced aggregation of Ni(II) MIL Droplets
Using FlowCam to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Magnetic Ionic Liquids in Isolating Foodborne Pathogens
A research group at Iowa State University is studying the use of Magnetic Ionic Liquids (MILs) as a tool to isolate foodborne pathogens in liquid …
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Scientist holding test tube with FlowCam application symbols floating around
20 Years of FlowCam Applications
What CAN'T be run through the FlowCam? The list below shows the majority of substances that have been imaged and analyzed on the FlowCam over the …
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Column Packing Particles FlowCam
FlowCam for Characterization of Column Packing Material
High-performance liquid chromatographyis a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. It …
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University of New England logo
UNE Researchers Use FlowCam to Study Engineered Proteins
A class of engineered proteins called elastin-like polymers (ELP) have shown promise for advanced drug delivery applications. In order to fully …
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FlowCam collage of oil in water
FlowCam for Oil in Water Particle Analysis
How do you perform Oil in Water analysis? Flow Imaging Microscopy provides more comprehensive data than laser diffraction, beyond just count and size …
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FlowCam collage of oil and gas completion fluid particles
Better Cleanliness Testing of Hydraulic Fluid, Lubrication Oil, and Fuel with FlowCam
Hydraulic fluids, lubrication oils, and fuel need to be monitored for cleanliness according to standards such as ISO 4406 or NAS 1638. Optical …
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