Achieve Your Flow Imaging Microscopy Goals with our FlowCam Analytical Lab Team

Achieve Your Flow Imaging Microscopy Goals with our FlowCam Analytical Lab Team

Our team of particle analysis experts is ready to help you achieve your particle analysis goals across a broad array of applications ranging from biopharmaceutical and aquatic sciences to smart materials and food and beverage quality control. With our full suite of next-generation FlowCam instruments, our analytical lab is your one-stop resource for technology assessment, method development, and customized application testing. Our depth of experience with flow imaging microscopy and image-based particle characterization allows us to develop solutions tailored to your specific analytical needs.  

Whether you are a new customer or are considering upgrading an existing FlowCam, our experts want to help you learn how our latest technology can advance your research. We can test your sample and help you determine the best instrument and methodology for your analysis goals. We work closely with our Customer Service team, who will install your instrument onsite and provide training in the methods we developed specifically for your samples. 

Our scientists develop applications and compose application notes, technical documentation, and white papers to keep you abreast of the newest FlowCam applications and of ways to maximize the particle imaging potential of our FlowCam instruments.  We welcome your inquiries about FlowCam applications and are happy to discuss ways FlowCam can be optimized for your specific needs.  

Meet our Laboratory Team


Pictured left to right:

Austin Coco
Laboratory Technician II

Hello, I’m Austin Coco!  As a laboratory technician, most of my time is spent running and analyzing client samples in the analytical lab.  Between my educational background in marine sciences and work experience in antibody manufacturing, I have acquired experience in a variety of applications that helps me develop methodologies and troubleshoot difficulties in the sample analysis process.  This especially comes in handy with the wide variety of samples we get in.  When not at work, I like to spend my free time either outside with my dog and my fiancée, playing games with friends, or taking care of my aquariums.
Austin Daniels, PhD
Application Scientist

Hi! I am Austin Daniels, one of the application scientists at Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies. I recently obtained a Ph.D. in chemical engineering that focused on therapeutic protein formulations and how analytical techniques combined with deep learning tools like neural networks can be used to monitor the stability of these formulations. I am one of our in-house experts on biopharma FlowCam applications and artificial intelligence as part of the development team behind VisualAI. I am fascinated by the possibilities FlowCam and AI offer as a unique particle analysis platform and am interested in exploring new applications for both technologies in biopharma and beyond. Besides work, I am an avid musician and enjoy going on hikes and playing board games with friends and family. 

Nicole Gill
Analytical Laboratory Manager

Hi, I’m Nicole Gill! I oversee the FlowCam Analytical lab and have analyzed dozens of different sample types for biopharma, aquatic, and industrial clients. Some of my favorites have included pollen grains, nematodes, sponge spicules, salmon lice, cellulose fibers, hydrogel spheres, and lipid nanoparticles. I love testing new applications and helping our customers understand how FlowCam can be used to accomplish their research goals. My background is in marine biology, and in using various technologies to assess fisheries health. In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, fishing, and exploring Maine’s beautiful natural resources! 

Louise Brogan, PhD
Application Scientist

Hello, I’m Louise Brogan! I am a protein biochemist and cell & molecular biologist, and I am excited to join the FlowCam team as an Application Scientist! I come to Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies with a depth of experience in both industry and academia and I look forward to identifying new life science markets that can benefit from FlowCam particle imaging capabilities. When I am away from work, I enjoy cooking, (…well, eating!), running, skiing, and open-water swimming!  

Please reach out to us directly if you are interested in sample analysis or learning more about FlowCam applications. You can also meet in person at a variety of tradeshows and conferences. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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