Particle Analysis Laboratory Services

Benefit from our fully-equipped particle analysis laboratory and lab staff to help you with sample analysis and method development. 
Our on-site particle analysis laboratory is equipped with the latest FlowCam® flow imaging microscopes and VisualSpreadsheet® software to ensure optimal particle analysis results.
Particle Analysis Services
Particle Analysis Services include:
  • a consultation with your company,
  • running your samples on the FlowCam,
  • production of all associated data files, and
  • a follow-up webinar to discuss the results of your data.
Five business day turn-around-time guaranteed.
Method Development

Method Development Services provide a customized approach for sample optimization using your material in consultation with a laboratory technician. This service includes:
  • proper sample dilution determination,
  • optimal system configuration determination, and
  • the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that you will be able to use in your laboratory with your staff.

Fill out the form to the right to schedule a Particle Analysis or Method Development service with our customer support team. You will be contacted by a lab professional who will send you a separate sample submission form to include with your sample.

Check out this case study and learn how our Particle Analysis Services helped a formulation scientist determine if his protein samples passed the USP <788> standard, and also detected and assisted in the elimination of a detrimental experimental variable (buffer particulates).