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FlowCam 8000 Series Brochure thumbnail
FlowCam 8000 Series Brochure
FlowCam 8000 Series applications, technology, and specifications
FlowCam LO Brochure thumbnail
FlowCam LO Brochure FlowCam LO combines flow imaging microscopy and light obscuration
FlowCam Cyano instrument rendering with cyanobacteria collage
FlowCam Cyano Brochure FlowCam Cyano applications and specifications
FlowCam 5000 instrument rendering
FlowCam 5000 Brochure FlowCam 5000 applications and specifications
FlowCam Macro instrument rendering
FlowCam Macro Brochure FlowCam Macro applications and specifications
FlowCam Nano rendering with blue background and submicron particles
FlowCam Nano Brochure FlowCam Nano applications and specifications
Lab technician using FlowCam 8000 in analytical lab
FlowCam 8000 and FlowCam VS Comparison Side-by-side specification comparisons between FlowCam 8000 and FlowCam VS and a comparison of image quality
Stock illustration of laptop with instructor
FlowCam University Learning at your pace: virtual training courses for FlowCam 8000, FlowCam Cyano, FlowCam 5000, and VisualSpreadsheet
FlowCam Accessories brochure thumbnail
FlowCam Accessories Order replacement parts, consumables, add-ons, and software
Rendering of ALH for FlowCam automated liquid handler
ALH for FlowCam Brochure

Benefits and specifications for ALH for FlowCam automated liquid handling

FlowCam Service Plans brochure thumbnail
FlowCam Service Plans Which plan is right for you?
Collage of scientist holding test tubes with life science application icons
FlowCam Applications: A - Z A list of diverse samples analyzed in the FlowCam lab
Title card for webinar showing FlowCam
Flow Imaging Microscopy for Subvisible Particle Analysis in Biotherapeutics This webinar introduces flow imaging microscopy, an analytical technique commonly used to characterize subvisible particle content in biotherapeutic samples.
A panoramic view of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, Scotland
Salmon farm ‘FlowCam’ helping to monitor Clickimin Loch

A salmon farm company is offering its help to a local group concerned about the water quality at the Clickimin Loch in Lerwick.

FlowCam instrument with monitor and laptop showing data and images
VisualSpreadsheet Satellite Version Analyze your FlowCam data on up to 3 external computers
Article title and author information over image of algae bloom
Flow Imaging Microscopy for Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Feature article from Journal AWWA, April 2024 issue
Text over image of DNA
Bioscience Association of Maine Member Spotlight

Spotlight on Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies

Man testing water sample in agriculture setting
Flow Imaging Microscopy for Environmental and Agricultural Applications Microplastics characterization, fiber analysis, atmospheric pollution, stormwater runoff contamination, livestock health, crop and soil sciences
Estuary with inset of FlowCam images of plankton and WEBINAR in text
An Overview of FlowCam for Aquatic Applications The history and principles of FlowCam and case studies demonstrating how FlowCam is used for plankton research projects and algae monitoring programs
FlowCam collage of oyster larvae
FlowCam for Shellfish Aquaculture and Research

A review of shellfish applications including: reproduction, larvae, microalgae cultivation, and predators

FlowCam instrument rendering with biopharma particles
The Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy for Biotherapeutics Flow Imaging Microscopy for biotherapeutic characterization, including protein formulations, and cell & gene therapies
FlowCam instrument rendering with phytoplankton
The Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy for Aquatic Life Sciences Flow Imaging Microscopy for the marine and freshwater applications including plankton research, aquaculture, water quality monitoring, and more
FlowCam instrument rendering on lab bench with data on monitor
The Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy Flow Imaging Microscopy is a powerful tool for detecting, identifying, and quantifying subvisible particles for a variety of applications
FlowCam collage of Anabaena HABs
Monitoring for Taste & Odor Algae at Newport News Waterworks How FlowCam is used by one drinking water utility
Stock photo - cells and DNA
FlowCam Biopharma Applications Brochure An overview of FlowCam instruments and applications for biopharmaceuticals, including protein therapeutics and cell and gene therapy
Stock image collage of particles abstract
FlowCam Materials Applications Brochure An overview of FlowCam instruments and applications for materials characterization, including food and beverage, crop science, advanced materials, and more
Aerial stock photo of salmon aquaculture pens in Scotland
FlowCam Assists Harmful Algae Mitigation in Salmon Aquaculture Read a case study featuring Scottish Sea Farms
FlowCam collage of Dolichospermum cyanobacteria
Common Source Water Taxa A FlowCam image guide to freshwater algae and Cyanobacteria
Aquatic Science Publication logos
Recent Notable FlowCam Studies in Aquatic Research A digest of recently published studies in the fields of phytoplankton and zooplankton research.
FlowCam collage of algae cultures
Top FlowCam Studies for Algae Technology A digest of influential FlowCam studies in the field of algae technology.
Stock photo of ocean floor
Top FlowCam Marine Research Studies A digest of influential FlowCam studies in marine research.
Stock photo of scientist using microscope
Top Studies Comparing FlowCam to Light Microscopy A digest of influential FlowCam studies in comparing flow imaging microscopy to manual light microscopy.
FlowCam 8000 rendering on benchtop with printer toner particles on monitor
What is Flow Imaging Microscopy? Learn how Flow Imaging Microscopy works and see FlowCam in action
Rendering of ALH for FlowCam automated liquid handler on lap bench
Five Key Benefits of Automating Flow Imaging Microscopy Introducing ALH for FlowCam automated liquid handling
Stock photo of laptop, stethescope, and tablet with FDA graphic
Measuring Subvisible Particles and Aggregates using FlowCam LO FlowCam LO combines flow imaging microscopy and light obscuration in a single instrument
Scientist working in lab
Characterizing Protein Aggregation With Orthogonal and Complementary Analytical Techniques A study showing how flow imaging microscopy and DLS can work together to provide a comprehensive picture of aggregation in your protein therapeutic
Scientists collaborating at computer screen with AI graphic
Robust AI Methods for Protein Biotherapeutics VisualAI software for sample-agnostic image analysis with FlowCam
Thumbnail - Water Quality Monitoring Poster
An Integrated and High-Speed Aproach to Monitoring Algae and Cyanobacteria In Lakes, Reservoirs, and Finished Drinking Water
Biopharma publication logos
Top FlowCam Studies for Biopharmaceuticals A digest of influential FlowCam studies in biopharmaceutical research.
FlowCam collage of cyanobacteria
Top FlowCam Studies on Cyanobacteria A digest of influential FlowCam studies on cyanobacteria.
FlowCam collage of plankton
Top FlowCam Studies for Phytoplankton and Zooplankton A digest of influential FlowCam studies in phytoplankton and zooplankton research.
FlowCam collage of biopharma sample
Early Detection of Aggregation in Formulations FlowCam Nano for submicron particle characterization in biotherapeutics
Stock photo of standard lab equipment
Recommended Lab Equipment for FlowCam Users A list of recommended items to help anyone setting up a new lab or who wants to ensure that all necessary items are available at installation.
FlowCam plankton collage
FlowCam Aquatic Image Galleries See what's possible with FlowCam
Scientists in lab holding test tubes looking at data on monitor
Orthogonal and Complementary Techniques: Combining FIM with LO to Characterize Biotherapeutics Learn why it's important to characterize biotherapeutics with orthogonal techniques
FlowCam collage of zooplankton
FlowCam Macro Research Digest FlowCam Macro publications demonstrate its value for zooplankton characterization in aquatic and environmental research
FlowCam images showing the effect of various background intensity settings
FlowCam Quantitative Metrics and Camera Settings The effect of background intensity on particle image analysis
Research vessel in Atlantic Ocean
Using FlowCam Macro for the Study of Zooplankton A conversation with Dr. Kathryn Cook
FlowCam collage of particles in a biopharmaceutical formulation
Flow Imaging Microscopy for Biopharmaceuticals Five important considerations
Stock image of computer user with security lock graphic
21 CFR Part 11: Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions about 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance in VisualSpreadsheet software.


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