ALH for FlowCam - Automated Liquid Handling

ALH for FlowCam - isolated
The ALH for FlowCamTM Automated Liquid Handling system integrates with FlowCam 8000 series instruments, FlowCam LO, and FlowCam Cyano to automate sample handling and FlowCam operation. ALH for FlowCam allows for unattended instrument operation as well as improved measurement repeatability, safer lab operation, and increased productivity.

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Benefits of ALH for FlowCam:

  • Compatible with your workflow: automate FlowCam data collection protocols using the customizable sample deck for sample preparation, injection, and data acquisition
  • Improved data reproducibility: automate every liquid handling step to reduce human error and improve measurement quality
  • Fully unattended FlowCam operation: perform sample preparation such as mixing, dilution, heating/cooling, and instrument cleaning
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use software: execute sophisticated, effective sample analysis schemes in a few simple steps
  • Cleaner, safer sample handling: self-contained, positive HEPA-filtered sample area minimizes unwanted particles
  • Full integrated system service: ALH installation, IQ/OQ validation, and annual maintenance available together with your FlowCam instrument.

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FlowCam models compatible with Automated Liquid Handling:

FlowCam Left Angle Isolated FlowCam LO FlowCam Cyano transparent background 2-3

FlowCam 8000

Size, concentration, and morphology by Flow Imaging Microscopy from
2 µm to 1 mm

FlowCam LO

Flow Imaging Microscopy and Light Obscuration in a single instrument

FlowCam Cyano

For quick cyanobacteria detection and
enumeration using pigment fluorescence.


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