FlowCam® ALH - Automated Liquid Handling System

FlowCam ALH

The FlowCam® Automated Liquid Handling system integrates with the FlowCam® 8000 for uninterrupted processing of samples.

The system allows up to 288 samples to be queued for unattended operation, improved repeatability, and increased productivity.

Download FlowCam ALH Spec Sheet

FlowCam® ALH Benefits:

  • Pre-analysis sample preparation can be programmed using easy-to-use graphical and menu-driven operations.
  • Heating and cooling features allow sample conditioning and control of sample degradation and evaporation during the processing.
  • System is self-contained to protect against outside contamination and accidental disturbance of samples. 
  • Vertical architecture saves valuable bench space while a monitor provides access to current system status and review of workflows for both instruments.
  • Uses standard SBS format labware that can be deployed on any of the general purpose locations.

Watch a video on the Automated Liquid Handler (ALH): 


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