FlowCam Customer Support Services

Our factory-trained Customer Care team is here to help you with all things FlowCam. The following is a list of services we provide. Please fill out the form to the right or email customercare@fluidimaging.com to contact our team for more information or to schedule a service.


Visit our FlowCam training page for more information. 

Installation and Operational Qualification

An Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) service is performed when the instrument must be qualified for use. IQ/OQs occur either during initial receipt of your FlowCam or after an instrument is relocated within a company property. 

 IQ / OQ service summary:

  • IQ / OQ service is only performed on-site at the customer facility
  • Documentation is completed, reviewed by a company representative, and signed
  • A certificate of completion and quality seal is affixed to the instrument upon completion
  • A field service report is completed

Preventative Maintenance

A Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plan for your instrument is available. The PM Plan provides certification that your FlowCam is calibrated using standardized beads as recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The PM is performed by factory-trained technicians either at our manufacturing facility in Maine, USA or at your site. 

PM Plan for FlowCam 8100 Series, FlowCam 5000 & and VS-1

  • Verify calibration factor for size and counting to NIST traceable standards for each objective
  • Evaluate and inspect all the accessory components: objectives, syringe barrels, collimators, and diffusers
  • Check illumination and alignment of LED, adjust or replace as necessary
  • Replace common wear items: BIOS battery, pump tubing, and fittings 

PM Plan for FlowCam 8400 Series & VS 4 (includes FlowCam 8100 service in addition to the following)

  • Verify energy output of the laser
  • Check alignment of laser and correct if necessary
  • Test Scatter array and/or PMTs for proper functionality and sensitivity

PM Plan for Automated Liquid Handling (ALH for FlowCam) System

  • PM for the ALH for FlowCam will be conducted where the ALH for FlowCam operates
  • Includes FlowCam 8100 PM service listed above
  • Includes analysis of tubing, connections, electrical components, syringe pumps, robotic arm, belts, and sensors
  • Compromised or weak parts are replaced
  • An overall performance check will be complete 


If your FlowCam is not functioning properly, please contact us for troubleshooting and repair service.

Email customercare@fluidimaging.com, call +1-207-289-3200, or submit the form at the top of this page. 

Technical Support 

To reach our Customer Care team, email customercare@fluidimaging.com, call us at +1 207-289-3200 or submit the form at the top of this page.  


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