VisualSpreadsheet Particle Analysis Software for FlowCam

ViSp image for website pageTurning Data into Insight 

VisualSpreadsheet® is a powerful software program capable of setting up methods, acquiring data, and processing images captured with FlowCam. 

Analyze, sort, filter, group, and classify images based on any combination of morphological parameters to identify what is in your sample. 

VisualSpreadsheet is included with all FlowCam instruments. A  satellite version is available for offline analysis on additional computers. 

VisualAI brain graphic for slider-1 VisualSpreadsheet 6 Designed for AI

VisualAITM is an optional Artificial Intelligence module for protein biotherapeutics that integrates seamlessly into VisualSpreadsheet 6 software. VisualAI is compatible with subvisible particle images captured on FlowCam 8100 or FlowCam LO. The software uses a deep learning algorithm to identify images of protein aggregates and silicone oil droplets, as well as potential FlowCam contaminants.

With over 90% accuracy, VisualAI offers an out-of-the-box solution to differentiate and quantify particles in biotherapeutic formulations without the need for sophisticated computing hardware. Learn more about VisualAI in our white paper.

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VisualSpreadsheet Benefits:

Capture over 40 Unique Particle Measurements

  • Basic shape measurements include: diameter (spherical and area-based), length, width, aspect ratio, area, volume 
  • Morphology measurements include: circularity, elongation, compactness, circle fit, perimeter, convex perimeter, edge gradient, fiber curl 
  • Grayscale and color measurements include: intensity, average intensity, sigma intensity, transparency, average red, green blue, Red/Green ratio, Red/Blue ratio, Green/Blue ratio 

Interact with Particle Images and Data Plots

  • Directly sort and filter particle images based on size, color, and/or any other morphological parameter
  • Display customizable particle size distributions
  • View interactive histograms and scatter plots for any morphological parameter(s) over a sample

Easily Compare Data Across Samples

  • Simultaneously view data and images from up to 10 runs at a time
  • Group multiple runs into a single dataset for streamlined analysis
  • Compare data captured across multiple samples, magnifications, and FlowCam units

Discriminate Particles by Size or Morphology

  • Build filters based on size or other morphological parameters
  • Use pattern recognition to find and display similar particle types within a dataset
  • Create image libraries of different particle types, then compare FlowCam data against libraries to determine concentrations of each specific particle type. 

Fulfill Compliance Requirements

  • VisualSpreadsheet 6 offers an optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance package 

VisualSpreadsheet is compatible with currently shipping FlowCam instruments for data acquisition and processing. If you own a previous model, please contact us at to upgrade your satellite licenses and take advantage of the new, powerful image analysis platform.  Files from VisualSpreadsheet versions 4 and 5 can be imported easily into the new platform with a data importer. 

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