Flow Imaging Microscopy

Particle Analysis with Vision®

Obtain the highest-resolution images to analyze the shape, size, and count of subvisible particles and microorganisms with FlowCam.

Identify the contents of your sample with confidence.


Particle Analysis Applications

Leading flow imaging analysis for oceanographic research, municipal water quality monitoring, biophysical analysis of API aggregates, cell and gene therapy, food and beverage analysis, materials characterization and many other areas of research.

Ensure the safety and efficacy of your biologic drug products

Flow Imaging Microscopy is a recommended orthogonal method to Light Obscuration for determining subvisible particulate content in parenteral drug formulations per USP <1788>.

Due to its exceptional image quality, FlowCam has become an indispensable tool in biotherapeutics research, formulation, and development for proteins, nano-drug delivery systems, and cell and gene therapy products.

Learn more about how Flow Imaging Microscopy can characterize subvisible and submicron API aggregates and other particulates using morphology and artificial intelligence.

FlowCam inner components schematic

In flow imaging microscopy, particles move through a flow cell as images are captured in real-time by a high-speed camera and processed by image analysis software.

How it Works

Particle Count, Size, and Morphology with Flow Imaging Microscopy

FlowCam rapidly acquires digital images of particles to measure particle size and morphology. Up to 50,000 particles/minute may be imaged in real time and analyzed based on more than 40 morphological parameters. Optional artificial intelligence tools for biopharmaceutical applications allow automated particle identification.

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