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Nitex Mesh

Nitex filtering mesh is invaluable for pre-filtering samples to remove larger particles which migh clog the flow cell. As an example, use 100µm mesh to filter out particles larger than 100µm when using the 10X magnification with a 100µm deep flow cell. Nitex mesh comes in 1 square foot sheets which can be cut to size for the application.

Quantity Description Price  
1 1 square foot of 1000µm Nitex mesh
1 1 square foot of 100µm Nitex mesh $20.00
1 1 square foot of 300µm Nitex mesh $20.00
1 1 square foot of 35µm Nitex mesh $20.00
1 1 square foot of 53µm Nitex mesh $20.00
1 1 square foot of 600µm Nitex mesh $20.00


Pipette Tips

These pipette tips are used for sample introduction into FlowCam systems.                 

Quantity Description Price  
1 10mL Pipette tips, pack of 20 $25.00
1 1mL Pippete tips, pack of 50 $25.00
1 2.5mL Pippete tips, pack of 25 $25.00
1 5mL Pippete tips, pack of 25 $25.00


Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

PVP is used as a thickening agent which will increase the viscosity when mixed with water. This is useful when analyzing samples whose particles might otherwise settle rapidly during analysis.                            

Quantity Description Price  
1 500 grams PVP