FlowCam® 8000 Series

FlowCam_8100Using proven FlowCam® dynamic imaging particle analysis technology, the FlowCam 8000 series represents the next generation FlowCam platform following the release of the VS.

Advantages of FlowCam 8000 series include:

  • Larger field of view and faster camera provide increased data throughput
  • Integrated auto focus mechanism simplifies focusing and provides consistent, high resolution images
  • Automated self-rinsing and self-cleaning cycles to reduce cross contamination and increase flow cell longevity
  • Redesigned optical path, high powered laser and more sensitive PMTs enhance fluorescence signal analysis
  • Interchangeable quick-connect flow cell holder streamlines operation

FlowCam 8000 Specifications:

  • Magnification: 20X, 10X, 4X
  • Camera resolution: 1920x1200 pixels, available in color and monochrome
  • Frame rate: shutters up to 120 frames per second
  • Fluorescence emission and detection: excitation options (488nm, 532nm, 633nm) with 2 channel fluorescence detection

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