FlowCam Applications for General Industry

FlowCam Food and beverage applications icon

Food and Beverage

Isolate different particle types from a heterogeneous mixture to ensure the contents of your product and detect process flaws early

Microscope icon - materials characterization

Materials Characterization

Analyze printer toner, superabrasives, ion exchange resins, column packing material, polymers, coatings and chemicals. Monitor microencapsulation processes, and additive manufacturing. 

Factory icon - industrial applications

Oil and Gas

Characterize drilling mud, produced and flowback water analysis. Perform frac proppant quality control and hydraulic fluid monitoring.

Microalgae icon

Microalgae Cultivation

Prevent culture crash with high-throughput monitoring of algae in real-time

New applications of particle analysis for quality control in industry and manufacturing are constantly being developed, from the characterization of printer toner and superabrasives, ion resins to fruit juice, and microencapsulation processes. If it’s a liquid, or can be suspended in a liquid, you can analyze it on the FlowCam flow imaging microscope. Subscribe to our Flow Imaging Microscopy blog to stay up-to-date with the newly developed applications of flow imaging particle analysis and microscopy. 

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