FlowCam® for Aquaculture and Shellfish Farming

Larval Oysters imaged on the FlowCam Shellfish farming larval developmentMonitor Harmful Algal Blooms and Track Larval Development

Whether monitoring for harmful algae, assessing food supply, or determining the health and viability of larvae in aquaculture operations, farm and hatchery managers can now analyze water samples significantly faster than before.

For the farmer, the FlowCam can be used for HAB monitoring as well as evaluating the productivity and plankton availability for food supply when performing site evaluations. 

In the hatchery the FlowCam has many uses. The instrument can be used to keep track of the health of the larvae by looking at high-resolution images and abnormalities can be quickly assessed. The vital stain Neutral Red can be added to samples to determine the ratio of live/dead larvae, and the hatchery manager can monitor the concentration of the algae being fed to the larvae.

Use the FlowCam to:

  • Quickly count, capture, and save images — Process a 1 mL sample of organisms <100 µm in 6 minutes
  • Obtain size, shape, fluorescence, and concentration statistics in a fraction of the time required by traditional microscopy, typically up to 10,000 images/minute
  • Use fluorescence to identify and characterize organisms
  • Calculate biovolume, concentration of organisms, and community size distribution 
  • Sort, filter, and classify organisms by morphology using semi-automated image recognition techniques 

Since its inception in 1997 at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, the FlowCam continues to advance imaging flow cytometry with improved optics, more robust analytical software, and faster throughput for rapid, more reliable, more accurate analysis of microorganism morphology. 

  •  Identify & enumerate phytoplankton and micro zooplankton
  • Monitor cyanobacteria and nuisance algae
  • Track health of larvae
  •  Ecosystem Analysis
  • Monitor culture contamination 
  • Determine data trends to make predictions

Download Case Study: Harmful Algal Bloom Mitigation in Salmon Aquaculture 

How Flow Imaging Microscopy Works:

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Customer Quote:

“With over a year of daily samples, we have a full picture of trends to help with forecasting. We can anticipate and predict blooms with confidence.”

—Rhanna Turberville, Water Quality Technician, Grieg Seafood ASA


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