FlowCam® : Particle Analysis for Biopharmaceuticals

FlowCam Biopharma particles w. subtitleThe FlowCam has been adopted by hundreds of pharmaceutical corporations worldwide for particle analysis to improve the development, quality, and safety of their formulations. 

Use real digital images to verify the size, shape, and identity of your particles. Differentiate between air bubbles, silicone oil droplets, protein aggregates, and contaminants, and determine which particles are inherent, intrinsic, and extrinsic.

The FlowCam captures high-resolution, digital images of particles suspended in a fluid. Over 40 physical parameters are measured from each image, while the data is processed using our image-recognition statistical analysis software VisualSpreadsheet. 

Flow imaging microscopy serves as an orthogonal method to most common particle analysis methods including light obscuration and the Coulter principle to fully characterize your subvisible particles.

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    Image and analyze particles 300 nm to 10+ µm
    Measure 40+ physical parameters per particle
    Quantify particles in sample
    Perform statistical calculations 
    Generate size distribution curves
    Visually verify particulate identity with high-resolution images

How Does the FlowCam Work?

  1. A liquid sample is introduced into the top of the FlowCam
  2. Imaging and flow settings are adjusted to achieve optimal particle analysis
  3. A microsyringe pump draws the sample (volume 1 mL and up) through a cuvette and a camera photographs each particle as it flows, recording particle count and concentration in real time
  4. Image recognition software, VisualSpreadsheet, measures 40+ physical properties from each particle image
  5. Post-processing analysis provides the ability to create image libraries, identify and exclude certain types of particulates (silicone oil for one example) and create more accurate particle counts. 
  6. Automatic classification is possible via machine learning. Reports can be exported to Excel in CSV format.


Download List of Published FlowCam Research


Visit Biopharmaceutical Resources page for case studies, videos, white papers and more. 


Customer Quote:

“The FlowCam paid for itself in just one incident. Suddenly our [parenteral drug] began to show visible particles. So, we FlowCammed a sample from each step of the manufacturing process and saw that one of our filling pumps was shedding metal shards, catalyzing aggregation.  We were able to fix the pump and continue with manufacturing. In just that one instance, the FlowCam saved us time, money, and enabled manufacturing to continue that same day.”

— Biopharmaceutical FlowCammer, USA, 2018



FlowCam Nano

Nano with Awards 2


For characterization and quantification of particles 300 nm to 10+ µm. 
Winner of the 2018 Pittcon Excellence Award.

Applications: formulation development, protein stability studies, manufacturing process improvement, final product QA/QC.  


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FlowCam 8000 Series

FlowCam Straight-On Desktop - Cropped - low res


For particles 1 µm to 600 µm. Compatible with Automated Liquid Handler. 

Applications: formulation development, protein aggregation studies, stability studies, manufacturing process improvement, final product QA/QC. 



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FlowCam Automated Liquid Handler (ALH)

FlowCam Automated Liquid Handler for particle analysis and characterization fluid imaging technologiesFor automated, high-throughput, unsupervised sample analysis of up to ninety-six 1-mL samples. Compatible with the FlowCam 8000 Series. 

Applications: QA/QC, batch testing

Wonder if the FlowCam ALH will work for you? Schedule a demonstration. 



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VisualSpreadsheet®  Software

nano tonerOur proprietary software VisualSpreadsheet performs image recognition, particle measurements, statistical analyses, data collection, and enables data manipulation. With VisualSpreadsheet (ViSP), which is included with every FlowCam, you can create image libraries, digital filters, and use machine learning for auto-classification.  View data in ViSP or export to Excel in CSV format. Visit the ViSP page for more information.



Visit Biopharmaceutical Resources page for case studies, videos, white papers and more.

eBook: Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy


Download the Ultimate Guide to Flow Imaging Microscopy

FlowCam vs. MFI® Comparison 

Comparison MFI FlowCam blurred

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Poster: FlowCam Nano for Protein Stability Studies

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