FlowCam® VS Series

dynamic-imaging-particle-analyzer-FlowCAMThe FlowCam VS series is ideally suited to a typical laboratory environment, and can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your specific needs and application.

The flexibility of FlowCam VS allows you to optimize the system for counting and sizing, superior image quality, and morphology characterization.

Choose the FlowCam® VS Series for:

  • Analysis of particles from 2 µm to 1.3 mm
    Four magnifications (2X, 4X, 10X, and 20X) and various flow cell sizes available - you can easily alternate between multiple analytical ranges.
  • Flexible sample introduction and volume control
    Accommodates sample volumes as low as 100 µL – and offers both discrete sampling and continuous, in-situ analysis.
  • High sampling efficiency & fast analysis times
    Captures particle images at up to 22 frames per second. 
  • Unmatched access to your data
    Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software captures over 30 meaurements for each particle and provides extensive post-processing capabilities.

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FlowCam® VS Options

Benchtop Instrument

A benchtop FlowCam VS can also be integrated into your online or inline process.

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Auto Focus

Focuses the optical system algorithmically without operator intervention, assuring repeatable focus position and measurements.

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Black & White or Color Camera

Choose from either a color or black & white camera. In general, black & white is best unless the color of your particles is an important distinguishing factor. 

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Cross-Polarized Illumination

Isolate and quantify particles that are anisotropic and exhibit birefringence under cross-polarization.

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Trigger Mode – Fluorescence & Scatter

An optional 488 nm or 532 nm laser with variable emission filters provides fluorescence detection.  Using the laser in Trigger Mode, allows you to trigger the camera to take an image.  This can be especially useful with sparse samples.

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