FlowCam® Biologics

Flowcam_Biologics_3W_300ppi_CMYKUsing the proven industry-leading image quality found in the FlowCam VS-Series, FlowCam® Biologics is a dynamic imaging particle analysis system completely optimized for the analysis of sub-visible particulates in protein therapeutics.

Applications include:

  • Detection & measurement of protein aggregates and other paticulates
  • Formulation research & development
  • QC diagnostics
  • Stability studies and shelf-life simulation

FlowCam® Biologics Offers:

  • Industry-leading image quality: better images yield better measurements.
  • Higher Sensitivity: Prevents under-counting of transparent particles and fractionation of larger protein aggregates.
  • Complete: Includes pre-built filters for USP <788> reporting and silicone droplet isolation, 21CFR software, installation/training (including IQ/OQ), disposable pipette-tip sample introduction and all system settings optimized for biologics.
  • Allows automated, trainable, statistically-based pattern recognition - saves time by isolating different types of particles (intrinsic, extrinsic and inherent) into categories and sub-populations.

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