Particle Analysis Laboratory Services

Let our lab staff help you with sample analysis and method development. 
Our on-site particle analysis laboratory is equipped with the latest FlowCam®  technologies and VisualSpreadsheet®  software to ensure optimal analysis results.
  • Particle Analysis Services include a brief consultation with your company, running your samples, production of all associated data files, and a follow-up webinar to discuss the results of your data. Five business day turn-around-time guaranteed.
  • Method Development Services provide a customized approach for sample optimization using your material in consultation with one of our laboratory technicians. The service includes determining proper sample dilution, system configuration, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that you will be able to use in your laboratory.

Fill out the form to the right to schedule a Particle Analysis of Method Development service with our customer support team. 


Check out this case study and learn how our Particle Analysis Services helped a formulation scientist determine if his protein samples passed the USP <788> standard, and also detected and assisted in the elimination of a detrimental experimental variable (buffer particulates).