FlowCam® Accessories - Bead Standards

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Size and Concentration Standards

NIST-Traceable calibrated microspheres in solution at calibrated concentration for verification of concentration measurements.                   

Quantity Description    
25 mL 10µm Beads at 3,000/ml  
25 mL 20µm Beads at 3,000/ml  
25 mL 50µm Beads at 3,000/ml  


Focus Beads

These custom formulated beads are designed for use with FlowCAM's equipped with the Auto Focus option. They are pre-diluted and ready to use, with two different sizes, one for 10X and 20X objectives and one for 4X and 2X objectives.

Quantity Description    
40 mL 20X & 10X Focus Beads  
500 mL 4X & 2X Focus Beads  


Fluorescent Beads

These beads are used to verify that FlowCAM® is correctly triggering on fluorescence signals (for systems equipped with this capability).

Quantity Description    
0.1 g Red Fluorescent Beads  
0.1 g Green Fluorescent Beads