Particle Analysis Laboratory Services


Let our highly-skilled lab staff help you with simple analysis to complex method-development and customized analysis work. Our on-site particle analysis laboratory is equipped with the latest FlowCam® technologies and VisualSpreadsheet® software. 

Whether you need to image particles in vaccines, protein solutions, or other biopharmaceutical products, chances are we have experience with them and know how to optimize the FlowCam to capture quality images.

Standard particle analysis service results include:

  • Histograms/scatterplots
  • Entire analysis of sample data with particle size distribution and measurements 
  • All particle images captured (in TIFF format)

Fill out the form or call us to discuss your specific needs at +1 207-289-3200.

Check out this case study about how we were able to help a formulations scientist not only determine if his protein samples passed the <788> standard, but also detected and assisted in the elimination of a detrimental experimental variable (buffer particulates). 

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