VisualSpreadsheet® Classifier Advanced

Classifier Advanced is an optional add-on to VisualSpreadsheet® Software. It uses the software’s image recognition capabilities for the purpose of classifying organisms, cells, and particles of interest semi-automatically. Classifier Advanced is a complete redesign of the former classification capabilities using a simple, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and new Machine Learning methods (Support Vector Machine and Normal Bayes).


Classifier Advanced Key Features

  • Simplified Training Set Window
    • Create Training Sets directly from libraries
    • Easy to refine and modify
    • No need to upload templates
  • Library Reference Window
    • Open multiple libraries at once
    • Useful as a teaching tool
  • Improved post-processing of data
    • Re-order classes
    • Add new classes with a click of a button
    • Move images easily from one class to another
    • New reject option to quickly classify detrital particles without deleting them
  • Three formulas for biovolume calculation
    • Biovolume (cylinder)
    • Biovolume (prolate spheroid)
    • Biovolume (sphere)

Classifier Advanced Introductory Video 

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