VisualSpreadsheet® Particle Analysis Software Version 4

dynamic-imaging-particle-analyzer-FlowCAMVisualSpreadsheet is a powerful software application that allows you to interact with the particle images captured by the FlowCam®.

Improving on other spreadsheet software programs that only allow you to sort and filter rows of numeric data, VisualSpreadsheet gives you the ability to sort and filter actual images.

Ultimately this gives you a more in-depth analysis of your sample and a better understanding of your data.

VisualSpreadsheet turns your data into insight!

VisualSpreadsheet Version 4 Update:

Version 4 will be sunsetted on June 30, 2021 as we focus on the more streamlined, enhanced VisualSpreadsheet Version 5.

 What does this mean for you?

  • If your FlowCam has ViSp 4, you can still use it and your instrument will continue to function as it has in the past.
  • Satellite versions of ViSp 4 will no longer be offered for sale.
  • Our Software Engineering Team will no longer provide updates to resolve “bugs” or add enhancements to the ViSp 4 platform.
  • If your instrument is still within the 10 year Service Promise, we will continue to provide support and training options.

What are my options for upgrades?

  • ViSp 5 is available for the following instruments:
    • FlowCam 8000 series, FlowCam Cyano, FlowCam Macro, FlowCam ALH, FlowCam 5000
  • While ViSp 5 is not compatible with the VS Instrument platform, you can purchase ViSp 5 as a satellite license and import the data collected on your VS Instrument

Please reach out to to discuss your specific upgrade options.

Learn more about the latest release of VisualSpreadsheet software - version 5.

Download VisualSpreadsheet 5 Upgrade FAQs

The VisualSpreadsheet® Difference 

  • Sort and filter particle data based upon criteria you supply - results are displayed immediately as particle images instead of numbers.
  • Accomplish complex particle filtering in seconds with immediate visual feedback - find and display all similar-type particles in a heterogeneous sample with sophisticated pattern recognition capabilities.
  • Create and save defined particle type libraries - compare incoming FlowCam data against one or more libraries to instantly enumerate concentrations of specific particle types.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software package available.

VisualSpreadsheet is included with all FlowCam instruments. A satellite version is also available so you can work with your FlowCam data on your own computer.  Contact us for more information! 

Check out FlowCam University for our online quick start training guide.

Capture Over 40 Unique Particle Measurements 

  • Basic Shape Measurements Include: Equivalent Spherical Diameter (ESD), Area Based Diameter (ABD), Length, Width, Aspect Ratio, Area, Volume Advanced
  • Morphology Measurements Include: Circularity, Elongation, Compactness, Circle Fit, Perimeter, Convex Perimeter, Edge Gradient, Fiber Curl
  • Gray-Scale and Color Measurements Include: Intensity, Average Intensity, Sigma Intensity, Transparency, Average Red, Green, Blue, R/G Ratio, R/B Ratio, G/B Ratio

VisualSpreadsheet® in Action

Filtering and Sorting Particle Data

VisualSpreadsheet allows you to work with the particle images captured by the FlowCAM just like a typical spreadsheet. Watch this short video to see how you can easily filter and sort your data based on a variety of parameters.

Using Interactive Scattergram

VisualSpreadsheet allows you to select data ranges to analyze directly from a scattergram or histogram. Here's how it works!

How Pattern Recognition Works

See how to create a basic value filter in VisualSpreadsheet to select only those particles you are interested in analyzing.

Classifying Particles with VisualSpreadsheet

See how you can automatically define particles based on what they look like using VisualSpreadsheet.

Take image classification one step further with Classifier Advanced.  

Check out FlowCam University for our online quick start training guide.


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