Training Modules for FlowCam 5000

Welcome to your launch pad for FlowCam on-demand learning

The on-demand learning for the FlowCam 5000 is designed to assist the user with setting up the instrument, becoming familiar with the hardware and VisualSpreadsheet software, running samples, optimizing their VisualSpreadsheet settings, data analysis and regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance of your instrument through the following modules:

Module #1: Setting up your FlowCam 5000

Module #2: Introduction to Hardware and Software Set Up

Module #3: Running your First Samples

Module #4: Customizing Your Settings

Module #5: Introduction to Data Analysis

Module #6: Advanced Data Analysis Using Libraries

Module #7: Maintenance Recommendations

Each module header will link to the individual module page where instructions and videos are located. 

If you are a FlowCam 5000 customer and would like to request access to the training modules, please fill out the form to the right.