FlowCam for Cyanobacteria Monitoring

Texas h2o AWWA coverIntegrated Cyanobacteria Monitoring Program

The City of Wichita Falls, Texas developed an integrated approach to monitor algal blooms.  Using the FlowCam as part of their overall strategy has prevented larger outbreaks, compared to previous years, and has all but eliminated taste and odor customer complaints.

Read the details of their  comprehensive, cost-effective strategy for monitoring toxin-producing cyanobacteria that harm water quality.

Download City of Wichita Falls Monitoring Program featured in Texas H2O 


Top Cyanobacteria Research Paperscover

We selected the top peer-reviewed studies to feature in our Top Studies on Cyanobacteria Research. Download the document to get synopses of each paper and learn how they use the FlowCam.   

Top Studies on Cyanobacteria Research


Microcystis Enumeration Using FlowCamCyano enumerating cover pic

Enumerate colonial and filamentous cyanobacteria using the methodology developed by Lehman et al. Download the application note below. 

How to Enumerate Microcystis Colonies Using FlowCam


Watch the FlowCam Cyano in action

You may also be interested in learning more about the FlowCam Cyano, our imaging flow cytometer that differentiates cyanobacteria from other algae using fluorescence. Click here to learn more.