Why Size and Shape Matter: Perspective on the Acquisition of FlowCam by Yokogawa

Why Size and Shape Matter: Perspective on the Acquisition of FlowCam by Yokogawa

Yokogawa logo with taglineYokogawa Fluid Imaging partner, Axel Wilde of ANASYSTA, recently wrote an article discussing the acquisition of Fluid Imaging Technologies by Yokogawa, and how the FlowCam compliments Yokogawa's current product portfolio. Keep reading, or check out the article on Yokogawa's Life Innovation Blog.

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies is striving for a bigger footprint

On April 16th, 2020 Yokogawa announced the acquisition of Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc., a US-based company. Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc. specialized in the development, manufacturing, and analysis of particles in liquids. The now called Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technology (YFT) products will be part of and extend the portfolio offering of the Yokogawa Life Innovation Business (LIB).

What is so special about the YFT products?

The FlowCam product portfolio combines the features of traditional microscopes, which are used for the observation of adherent cells, and flow cytometers, which are used for high-speed analysis of the characteristics of suspension cells like lymph and other types of blood cells. FlowCam instruments rapidly count and image particles in a fluid stream. The VisualSpreadsheet software functions measures, sorts, analyzes, and counts those particle images. With that, the FlowCam instruments can be used in fields such as marine research and municipal water management as well as industries ranging from biopharmaceuticals to chemicals.

Why is it important to have the YFT products in the LIB portfolio?

For decades Yokogawa has developed state-of-the-art products for the observation of living cells. One of the main innovations, our microlens enhanced dual spinning disk technology, is widely used in Confocal Spinning Units (CSU) to equip confocal microscopes for basic research to drug development applications. This proprietary imaging technology is also incorporated in the Yokogawa High Content Imaging (HCI) products of the CellVoyager family. All these imaging platforms are mainly used to observe living 2D, 3D or 4D cultures of adherent cells. With the new FlowCam products for particles respectively cells in solution, Yokogawa will expand its portfolio of cell observation solutions offered by the Life Innovation Business strengthening its business targeting in the bioeconomy market.

FlowCam 8000 on benchtop with data on monitor

Over the remaining years, the FlowCam has significantly expanded its market share. Known and very well respected already in the world of aquatic-related scientists, industrial customers became more and more convinced. The FlowCam offers superior picture quality combined with a modular design offering very high flexibility to be configured for customer needs. Different magnifications from 20x to 2x are available, even 40x is given with the FlowCam Nano. One of its kind is the optional use of a laser to analyze at the same time morphological properties of the particles, respectively cells in a sample, same as the fluorescence signal.  Last but not least, the FlowCam LO, was introduced. It combines the technique of dynamic picture analyzes with the light obscuration in one instrument.  Our ambitious goals for YFT? Taking the leading edge today and in the future to offer the customer the best solutions available.

Is Yokogawa expecting a hard transition and rough start?

With the acquisition of Fluid Imaging Technologies, Yokogawa was fortunate to partner with an already very successful company having established sales channels, a solid customer base, and a strongly growing market presence. In continental Europe, Yokogawa will continue the sale of the YFT products through our long-time and trusted distribution partner ANASYSTA e.K. For close to 14 years ANASYSTA supports the development, sale, and servicing of FlowCam products in Europe. Our existing and new customers can expect the same service and support level they are familiar with. We also expect that Yokogawa can contribute business contacts from our other core business to promote the FlowCam portfolio to new interested stakeholders. Yokogawa and the YFT business represented by ANASYSTA believe there are many synergies in the existing customer base that can benefit from each-others offerings. The first steps to better and closer collaboration are already on their way.

The Yokogawa LIB Europe, the YFT global team, and ANASYSTA are much looking forward to the first mutual business steps in the European market.

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