FlowCam transparent particle images showing how thresholding works
The Benefits of Light and Dark Pixel Thresholding
Thresholding is a method of image segmentation used in image processing to discern the boundaries of an object from its background. Semi-transparent …
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Scientist holding test tube with FlowCam application symbols floating around
20 Years of FlowCam Applications
What CAN'T be run through the FlowCam? The list below shows the majority of substances that have been imaged and analyzed on the FlowCam over the …
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FlowCam particle edge trace - Rostock paper
FlowCam Identifies Transparent Particles Shedding from Medical Devices
Cardiovascular implants, such as drug coated balloons or drug eluting stents used to treat coronary artery disease are subject to rigorous testing …
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Dr. Ted Randolph with his FlowCam Nano instrument
Saving Lives with the FlowCam - the Race to Identify Potentially Fatal Bacteria
  In exciting recent news, Fluid Imaging has entered into an exclusive research agreement with the University of Colorado Boulder to begin a study …
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Lycopodium Sporopollenen - FlowCam images
FlowCam Provides Visualization of Lycopodium Plant Sporoderm Microcapsule Degradation in Human Blood Plasma.
Plant sporoderm are among the most robust biomaterials in nature. The spore/pollen cell material can be easily extracted leaving an excellent natural …
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ELP coacervate imaged by FlowCam flow imaging microscopy Marvin et al 2018
New High-Throughput Method for Elastin-like Polymer (ELP) Coacervate Analysis
December 2018 — A recent study by researchers from the University of New England and University of New Hampshire has demonstrated that flow imaging …
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FlowCam Nano images of biopharmaceutical sample
Detection of Subvisible Particulates in Bioformulations to Ensure Safety
Biopharmaceutical manufacturers strive to ensure patient safety, avoid recalls and protect company reputations. Identifying subvisible particles is …
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FlowCam images of dandelion sporopollen exine capsules
Dandelion Pollen: A Promising Drug Delivery and Microencapsulation Vehicle
Pollen-based microcapsules such as hollow sporopollen exine capsules (SECs) have emerged as excellent drug delivery and microencapsulation vehicles …
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