Improve Your Wastewater Treatment Process with FlowCam®

wastewater-treatment-main-image As indicators of wastewater treatment system performance, monitoring and identifying microorganisms and particulates present in biological wastewater treatment gives you better control over your processes. 

With FlowCam, it is easy to do this throughout the entire treatment process. FlowCam will save you time and help you ensure your plant is running at optimum efficiency.

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Monitor Your Process with Ease

Information from FlowCam can be used to correlate the health of the system in near real-time by monitoring changes in floc structure, presence of higher life forms, filamentous identification, and suspended solids concentration. You can also use the FlowCam as an early warning system and help prevent critical upsets. 


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FlowCam® Analysis of a Wastewater Sample  

FlowCam® Image Gallery - Wastewater Samples

  • Anabaena


  • wastewater-floc-analysis

    Wastewater Floc Analysis

  • wastewater-sample1

    Wastewater Sample

  • Wastewater Sample 2

    Wastewater Sample

  • Wastewater Sample 3

    Wastewater Sample

  • Wastewater Sample 4

    Wastewater Sample

  • Waste-Water-Sample---MWRA

    Wastewater Sample MWRA


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Learn the benefits of the FlowCam in The Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis e-Book 

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Customer Spotlight

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