Analyzing Produced Water with FlowCam®

Oil in Produced Water

Measuring oil and total suspended solids (TSS) in produced water is important from both a regulatory perspective, and an efficiency of water treatment.

Standard methods, such as the EPA 1664 method, are time consuming and require a trained technician. Other technologies, such as UV or IR, do not give you a total solution of both oil and TSS. Laser based solutions provide a single particle count without differentiating between oil droplets, agglomerates, and solids.

FlowCam gives you a single solution so you can isolate and quantify oil droplets and solids in produced water quickly and easily.

FlowCam Oil Applications Brochure

FlowCam® Produced Water Analysis

Here's a quick look at the FlowCam running a produced water mud sample. Data is instantly accessible within the VisualSpreadsheet® software now available with enhanced oil in water detection capabilities.

FlowCam® Image Gallery - Oil & Gas Applications

  • Produced Water Images

    Produced Water Images

  • Frac Flowback Water

    Frac Flowback Water

  • Completion Fluid

    Completion Fluid

  • Drilling Mud Particles

    Drilling Mud Particles

  • Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

    Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

  • Skim Tank Analysis Images

    Skim Tank Analysis Images

  • Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

    Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

  • Slick Water Polymer Analysis

    Slick Water Polymer Analysis


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Measuring Oil in Water: A Sanity Check - presented at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference. 

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Learn how the optical system and the sensor affect the ability of an imaging system to characterize particles.

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