Detect Contaminants in Fuel, Hydraulic Fluid, and Lube Oil with FlowCam®

Completion Fluids ParticlesMany hydraulic fluids, fuels, and lube oils need to be monitored for cleanliness according to standards such as ISO 4406 or NAS 1638. While the available laser-based solutions are good at counting particles, they cannot tell the difference between "dust" particles and water droplets.

FlowCam can differentiate between particles and droplets, plus captures particle images, so you can get an indication of the particle types present (solids, fibers, or organics). Then report particle counts and concentrations by size range according to the specified standard.

FlowCam Oil Applications Brochure

Keep your Fluids, Fuels, and Lube Oils in Specification 

Regardless of the size of range that is the most interest to you, FlowCam can handle particle counts and concentrations from 2 um up to 2000 um. FlowCam also also works just as easily in oil-based fluids or water-based fluids.

Within a few minutes, you will get concentration data (particles/mL or PPM) and summary statistics on a variety of shape parameters using FlowCam's VisualSpreadsheet® software.

FlowCam enables monitoring of all your fluids to ensure they meet your quality specifications and industry accepted standards.

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FlowCam® Image Gallery - Oil & Gas Applications

  • Completion Fluid

    Completion Fluid

  • Drilling Mud Particles

    Drilling Mud Particles

  • Frac Flowback Water

    Frac Flowback Water

  • Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

    Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

  • Produced Water Images

    Produced Water Images

  • Skim Tank Analysis Images

    Skim Tank Analysis Images

  • Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

    Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

  • Skim Tank Polymer Analysis

    Skim Tank Polymer Analysis


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Learn the benefits of the FlowCam in The Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis e-Book

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Measuring Oil in Water: A Sanity Check - presented at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference. 

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Learn how the optical system and the sensor affect the ability of an imaging system to characterize particles.

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