Ensuring Frac Proppant Quality with FlowCam®

Frac Proppant Analysis with FlowCamThe size and shape of frac proppants has a direct effect on the production performance of a well because they can effect its conductivity. Being able to analyze particle shape easily can help you better control the quality of your frac proppants.

FlowCam technology allows you to quickly calculate the exact shape of your frac proppants, so you can ensure the performance of your well. 

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Why FlowCam® for Frac Proppant Analysis? 

FlowCam Macro is ideally suited for analysis of large, granular materials. Using advanced techniques, the instrument can capture and analyze tens of thousands of particle images per minute. It's easy to use - even a complex analysis takes only a few mouse clicks. 

  • High image quality
  • Less adhesion between particles
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Easy operation
  • Fast analysis
  • Excellent shape characterization
  • Flexible operation
  • Recyclable samples

Delivering high image quality, fast analysis, easy operation, and accurate, reliable results, the FlowCam Macro is the ultimate tool for scientific research and quality control of granular materials.

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FlowCam® Image Gallery - Oil & Gas Applications

  • Skim Tank Analysis Images

    Skim Tank Analysis Images

  • Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

    Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

  • Completion Fluid

    Completion Fluid

  • Drilling Mud Particles

    Drilling Mud Particles

  • Frac Flowback Water

    Frac Flowback Water

  • Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

    Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

  • Produced Water Images

    Produced Water Images

  • Skim Tank Polymer Analysis

    Skim Tank Polymer Analysis


e-Book Guide

Learn the benefits of the FlowCam in The Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis e-Book

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Measuring Oil in Water: A Sanity Check - presented at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference. 

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Learn how the optical system and the sensor affect the ability of an imaging system to characterize particles.

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