Characterizing Particles in Drilling Mud with FlowCam®


Drilling fluid particle concentration and particle size distribution are critical to the performance of the entire solids control process - from the shakers all the way through to the centrifuges. This can have a direct impact on the efficiency of drilling operations.

With FlowCam you can quickly monitor particle size and particle concentration of drilling fluids.  Plus you capture images of each particle in real-time.  So you can actually see what type of material is present in the drilling fluid, including the amount of emulsions present.

FlowCam Oil Applications Brochure  

A More Efficient Oil Extraction Process

With FlowCam dynamic imaging particle analysis, you can go beyond particle size and more closely monitor drilling fluid behavior.  Data acquisition can be accomplished within a matter of minutes - delivering particle and particle size distribution, concentration, particle morphology and particle images.

Real-time monitoring of your drilling mud can help prevent damage-causing aggregates.  

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FlowCam® Drilling Mud Analysis

Here's a quick look at the FlowCam running a drilling mud sample. Data is instantly displayed within the VisualSpreadsheet® software

FlowCam® Image Gallery for Oil & Gas Applications

  • Drilling Mud Particles

    Drilling Mud Particles

  • Completion Fluid

    Completion Fluid

  • Frac Flowback Water

    Frac Flowback Water

  • Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

    Lost Circulation Materials Analysis

  • Produced Water Images

    Produced Water Images

  • Skim Tank Analysis Images

    Skim Tank Analysis Images

  • Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

    Skim Tank Outlet Analysis

  • Slick Water Polymer Analysis

    Slick Water Polymer Analysis


e-Book Guide

Learn the benefits of the FlowCam in The Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis e-Book

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Measuring Oil in Water: A Sanity Check - presented at the 2009 Offshore Technology Conference. 

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Learn how the optical system and the sensor affect the ability of an imaging system to characterize particles.

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