FlowCam® for Nanoparticle Analysis

Nanoparticle Analysis Flow Imaging Microscopy FlowCam

Use our patented, award-winning, Nano-Flow Imaging™ oil immersion particle analysis technology to capture high-resolution images of particles as small as 300 nm in a fluid stream.

The FlowCam Nano is the first and only instrument available on the market to image nanoparticles in a fluid stream, offering a high-throughput solution to nanoparticle characterization. 

Our Nano-Flow Imaging™ configuration utilizes a 40X objective and a blue LED light, which creates a higher index of refraction and produces high-resolution nanoparticle images. Combined with our trusted flow-imaging technology and image analysis software, VisualSpreadsheet®, the FlowCam Nano is a powerful tool enabling rapid, full characterization of nanoparticles. 

In its first year on the market, our Nano-Flow Imaging™  technology received three awards for innovation:  

Icon RGB Pittcon Silver Excellence Award 2018
Icon RGB Pharma Innovation Award, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Magazine 2018
Icon RGB Manufacturers Association of Maine Innovator of the Year 2018

Read the blog post about the remarkable first year of the FlowCam Nano.


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    Image and analyze particles 300 nm to 10+ µm
    Measure 40+ physical parameters per particle
    Speed up your research with throughput of 0.2 mL/min 
    Obtain relative quantification of particles  
    Minimum sample volume of 20 µL
    Use morphological data to aid in determining the source of the particle  

Particle Size Ranges of Popular Particle AnalyzersParticle Analyzers

How Does the FlowCam Work?

  1. A liquid sample is introduced into the top of the FlowCam
  2. Imaging and flow settings are adjusted to achieve optimal particle analysis
  3. A microsyringe pump draws the sample (minimum sample volume = 200 µL) through a cuvette and a camera photographs each particle as it flows, recording particle count and concentration in real time
  4. Image recognition software, VisualSpreadsheet, measures 40+ physical properties from each particle image
  5. Data can be post-processed using VisualSpreadsheet. Image libraries can be made to aid in machine learning and can run various statistical analyses. Reports can be exported into Excel in CSV format.
  6. Automatic classification is possible via machine learning. Reports can be exported to Excel in CSV format.


Download List of Published FlowCam Research


Visit Nanoparticle Analysis Resources Page for customer interviews, posters, and more. 


Customer quote:

"The FlowCam Nano has given us a lot of insight to smaller sized particles. Everything now in industry is 10 µm or above. You miss out on a lot of phenomena that can occur if you eliminate any particles. Because there's not a push to look at them, not many people are looking at [particles smaller than 10 µm]...If we have the tools and technology, can they give us insight? For our research it's been really helpful. It's shown us how particles and proteins may interact, especially for my project in particular — a pumping study."

— Cheng Her, PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Colorado Denver with John Carpenter, PhD. 

Watch the full interview with Her on the importance of Nano-Flow Imaging for research. 



FlowCam® Nano

Nano with Awards 2

For characterization of particles 300 nm and larger. The first flow imaging microscope to extend the limits of imaging below 1 µm using patented oil-immersion technology. 

Winner of three innovation awards in 2018. 

Applications: formulation development, protein stability studies, manufacturing process improvement, final product QA/QC, blood cells


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VisualSpreadsheet® Software

VisualSpreadsheet image analysis softwareOur proprietary software VisualSpreadsheet performs image recognition, particle measurements, statistical analyses, data collection, and enables data manipulation. With VisualSpreadsheet (ViSP), included with every FlowCam, you can create image libraries, digital filters, and use machine learning for auto-classification.  View data in ViSP or export to an Excel worksheet. Visit the ViSP page for more information.



Visit Nanoparticle Analysis Resources Page for customer interviews, posters, and more. 

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